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Information about Calais buses, trains and taxis – the web magazine for visitors to France.

Calais transport – buses, trains, taxis and parking

Calais – France

Links and telephone numbers for bus, train and taxi companies in Calais. Where to park in Calais.

Welcome to Vel'in! Calais now has a free bicycle scheme.

Foot Passengers

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Calais Airport

Aéroport Calais-Marck. Tel: 0033 321 82 70 66.

Aero Club Calaisien. Tel: 0033 321 35 83 26.

Aéroport Lille-Lesquin. Tel: 0033 320 49 68 00.

– Calais Bus Company

Calais Buses run every day except on the following Public Holidays; 1st January, 1st and 8th may, 11th November, and 25th December. Expect to pay 1 euro 50 per journey.

Calais Bus Service -SIPAC. 68, Boulevard Lafayette. 62100. Tel: 0033 321 19 72 72.

Complete schedule and map.

Useful summary of bus routes in Calais

– SITAC is the local transport authority for 6 local communes; Calais, Coquelles, Coulogne, Guînes, Marck and Sêate/ Blériot Plage.

– Balad'in. This free service operates in the centre of Calais. A mini bus service, three buses operate from 9.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Theoretically there is a bus every 12 minutes at least. It is part of the efforts to revitalise the Centre of Calais.

Balad'in bus route (PDF)

– Nuit d'Opale. This is the night time service that operates from East to West Calais between 8.00pm and 1.00am.

The local BCD (Boulogne, Calais, Dunkirk) buses stop by Calais Station on the way to Boulogne. Tel: 0033 321 83 51 51.

Office in Boulogne; 6 route du Portel. 62230. Outreau. Tel: 0033 321 31 42 98.

There are 5 per day to Boulogne, and 2 on Saturday (about 30minutes)

They also go to Dunkerque 6 times a day, and on Saturday 3 times (about 40minutes).

Pay the driver / conductor at the front of the bus. Leave by the side or rear.

– Rates and ticket types (March 2008). One zone 90 cents (carnet 10 trips 6.90 euro), two zones 1.00 euro (carnet 10 trips 8.00 euro). Nuit d'Opale 2.50 euro.

Calais Parking

The first 15 minutes is free when you park in Calais. You must then pay (for up to 4 hours). Charges apply between 9.00am and 12.00noon, and 2.00pm to 7.00pm. Sundays and Public Holidays are free. Most of the City centre parking spaces are now free though, an initiative from the new Mayor to help local businesses.

There are more than 700 metered car parking spaces in Calais. These spaces are mostly in the following streets; Bd. Gambetta, Jacquard, Lafayette, Louis Pasteur. Also at rue Des Fontinettes and Bd. Clemenceau, rue Royale, Rue de la Mer.

Most of the other streets offer free parking.

Les Quatres Boulevardes shopping centre near the Theatre and opposite Monoprix Supermarket, offers 2hours 30 minutes free parking. Whats more its covered and secure.

Abide by these rules and you should have no problems;

Parking is free on roads with a dotted white line or no markings at all.

Orange dotted lines – pay at metre (horodateur).

Do not park against kerbs painted yellow.

Parking is forbidden in the centre of many major Many towns have a 'Zone Bleu' parking area, which requires a blue disc windscreen sticker which can be bought from the local tobacconist or garage.

Coaches can park for free at the Town Hall, Place d'Armes, Quai du Rhin, and at the Bassin Ouest.

DO NOT LEAVE SHOPPING IN YOUR CAR – there have been a spate of thefts this year from english cars.

Security – The old secure car parks provided by the local authority have been closed to lack of use.

You can also use the 24 hour free car park in front of the Marina.

many hotels in Calais have secured parking. We suggest you check before booking a hotel if they offer this service, as there have been a spate of burglaries from United Kingdom cars in Calais recently.

Security in Calais

Calais Trains

Calais has two stations: Calais-Ville in the centre of Calais and Calais-Frethun (for Eurostar and TGV trains) which is to the southwest of Calais near the Channel Tunnel entrance. They are connected by a free Navette TER. Don't forget the regular courtesy bus service to and from the station to the port.

About the local free bus service for SNCF ticket holders from Calais Gare to Frethun (TGV). 2 euro for non ticket holders.

Gare Calais Ville (SNCF Calais). Tel: (in France) 0836 35 35 35. Gare SNCF, 46, avenue Wilson. 62100. Calais.

– For regional services on the TER network in Nord-Pas de Calais, although it is also on the TER Grand Vitesse line from Lille. Use this station if you are going to Boulogne, Amiens, Arras, Lille and Dunkirk.

Times, information; 0836 67 68 69.

TER-SNCF Nord, Pas de Calais.


TGV and SNCF trains go to the rest of France from Calais station.

There are about 8 trains to Boulogne a day (about 45 minutes), 2 to dunkirk (about1hr), 8 to Lille (about 1 hour), and to Paris-Nord 6 times a day (3 hours).

Frequencies change, please check web sites before going.

Book a journey with SNCF

or TGV


calais bicycles – Cycling in Calais.

Calais now has a free bicycle scheme. Although it costs 10 euro to join, once a member the first 30 minutes are free. All the stops (18 in all) are about 600 metres from each other.

A total of 160 bicycles are available to use for members. The system operates 365 days a year 24 hours a day. You can access the bicycles by mobile phone paying for one day's use, one week or one year.

To freate your account ring 03 68 78 01 62.

Taxis in Calais

If ringing from the United Kingdom dial 0033 321.

Allo Taxis, run by Dimitri and Vladimir Pakhomoff, (not exactly Pas de Calais locals!) who both speak English. Tel: 0033 321 97 89 89. Mobile: 06 09 62 33 82.

Euro Taxis – 24 av. Président Wilson. 62100. Calais. Tel: 0321 97 35 35.

Taxis Calaisis – 0033 607 48 96 85 (mobile).

SDF Taxis Fourny -0033 321 97 05 22.

Taxis Radio Calais – 79, rue DescarteS. Tel: 0033 321 97 13 14.

Taxi Service – 49, rue Guy-Mocquet Tel: 0033 321 34 07 52.

Taxi Union Calais – 1, rue du Duc de Guise. 62100. Calais. Tel: 0033 321 96 29 29.

At Cite Europe, taxi's and buses can be taken from Porte d'Irelande.

Find a taxi in France.

At Cité Europe, taxi's and busses can be taken from Porte d'Irelande.

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