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Information about the town and port of Le Havre, in Normandy, France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

le havre France

Le Havre Tourism

Le Havre Shopping

Seine Maritime – 76, Haute Normandy. Latitude: 49.49341. Longitude: 0.1021

Some useful information on restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and shops in Le Havre, which we have collated from various sources for ferry travellers to France.

The local authority has done much to improve the environmental appeal of Le Havre. It is now classed as the third most highly thought of city in France (Franchise magazine survey 1999). Driver friendly, only 4,430 of the approximately 24,500 parking spaces are metered.

Ferry companies that go to Le Havre; PO Ferries pulled out of this route on the 30th September 2005, DFDS pulled out in 2105.

Ferry to Le Havre;

brittany ferries to France and spainBrittany Ferries sail from Portsmouth to Le Havre.

February 2009 – Operations suspended. Skysouth.

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Le Havre Airport

Aéroport du Havre-Octeville, rue Louis Blériot, Octeville. Tel: 0033 235 54 65 00. To Amsterdam, Birmingham, Brest, Brussells, Caen, London City, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes.

Skysouth. January 2009 – Unfortunately they have gone out of business.

Railway station

SNCF (Rail), Cours de la Republique. Tel: (in France) 0836 35 35 35.

Golf Courses

Golf du Havre, 18 holes. Hameau Saint-Supplix, 76930. Octeville-Sur-Mer. Tel: 0033 235 46 36 50.

Le Havre Tourist Office


Town; Office de Tourisme, 186, Bd. Clemenceau. BP 649. 76059 Le Havre. Tel: 0033 232 74 04 04. Open: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.30pm. Sunday 10.00am – 1.00pm.

Department; Comité Départemental du Tourisme de Seine-Maritime, 6, rue Couronné, BP 60, Bihorel-les-Rouen. 76420. Tel: 0033 235 12 10 10.

normandy tourist – Regional; Région Normandie, 25, Bld Gambetta, 76000. Rouen. Tel: 0033 235 52 57 39.

Regional; Comité Regional de Tourisme de Normandie, "le Doyenné", 14, rue Charles-Corbeau, 27000. Evreux. France. Tel: 0033 232 33 79 00.

Other; / /

Map of Le Havre

Interactive and searchable map of Le Havre. Town map

Museums in Le Havre – Places to visit

Pont de Normandie – linking the coast on either side of the Seine, a magnificent suspension bridge with wonderful views.

St. Francois Quarter – in the heart of the docklands area, it is the restaurant and fishing centre.


– Notre Dame (1575), rue de Paris (bus 2). 15th to 16th century, Gothic Tower, Grand organ.

– St. Francois (1551), Place du Père Arson (bus 2). Gothic transept 15th century.

– Prieuré Ste Honorine; Ancient Abbey 10th to 12th century. Very good crypts – ask for the key from the museum guardian. Charming gardens all round.

Church of St. Joseph (1957) – Bd. francois1er (bus 3). The very modern church in the centre of Le Havre.

Museum Pass – 45F for 6 local museums. Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, it gives you the right to visit each museum listed once;

Natural History Museum, Place du Vieux Marché (bus 2). Destroyed in the 1944 bombings, the building has been reconstructed to the original 18th century design. Open Monday, Thursday, Friday from 2. 30 – 5.30pm. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 – 11. 30am, 2. 30 – 5.30pm. Tel: 0033 235 41 37 28.

Le Prieuré de Graville, Rue Elysée Reclus (bus 2/5/9). Le Havre's oldest monument, the nave dates from the 11th century, housing a museum of sacred art and scale model houses. Open every day except Monday and Tuesday, 10.00 – 12.00am, 2.00 – 6.00pm. Tel: 0033 235 24 51 00.

Museum of Ancient Le Havre, rue de Bretêe (bus 2). Recalls the rich history of the port and city. Open every day except Monday and Tuesday, 10.00 – 12.00am, 2.00 – 6.00pm. Tel: 0033 235 24 51 00.

Port and maritime Museum, Quai Frissard. Offers a panorama of a century and a half of the ports history. Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 2.30 – 6.00pm. Tel: 0033 235 24 51 00.

The Shipowner's House (Maison de l'Armateur), 3 quai de l'Ile (bus 2). A symbol of a local merchants' prosperity and a gem of 17th century architecture. Tel: 0033 235 74 04 04.

The Malraux Museum, 2 Bd. Clémenceau (bus 3). Offers a selection of paintings from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Has the large Eugène Boudin collection (220 paintings) and the Dufy collection (70 works). Open every day except Tuesday. Tel: 0033 235 19 62 62


Agences Immoblières – Dominique Muller, 42, rue Raoul Dufy. Tel: 0033 235 43 13 43.

CNAB – Confédération Nationale des Administrateurs de Biens – a group of 12 property agents

Public Transport

Local Bus Company.

Taxis; 0033 235 25 81 81.

Eating in le Havre – Restaurants

In town

The St. Francois quarter in the heart of the docklands is the fishing and restaurant area of Le Havre.

Hotel restaurant du Vend Ouest, Malraux. Tel: 0033 235 42 50 69.

Tides and Port

Link to French site giving information on tides in Le Havre.

port le havre – Port web site.

port plaisance – National "Plaisance" port website.

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

port le havre – Port web site.

weather for France – BBC Weather in Le Havre.

le havre France – Le Havre Town.

portsmouth port – Port of Portsmouth.

Office de Tourisme.

petite fute guide – Petite Futé. Excellent link (French).

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