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Shoppers price survey for petrol and diesel in Calais, France –

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Petrol and Diesel – price surveys

Strikes and fuel supplies in France

Latest survey (excel spreadsheet). 6th March 2015 (exchange rate 1.35) – Diesel over 24% cheaper in Calais, Unleaded 95 is about about 8% cheaper. Save about £13.95 (50lts) when filling up with diesel in France. Check the spreadheet for full details.

Survey 19th September 2012 (exchange rate 1.21) – Diesel over 21% cheaper in Calais, Unleaded 95 is about about 6% cheaper. Save about £15.13 (50lts) when filling up with diesel in France. Check the spreadheet for full details. If you cannot open the excel file, try look at the PDF we have saved.

Diesel (gazole), petrol (essence), parafin (petrole), LPG (GPL).

August 2012 – Good news! The French government and fuel suppliers have agreed a price cut on petrol and diesel of up to six cents (euro) per litre for the next three months. The French Government will cut fuel tax by three cents (euro) per litre, with fuel suppliers also cutting their prices by the same amount – a more permanent measure is promised in the future.

February 2012. According to a Sunday Telegraph article, motorists in Britain pay more tax on fuel than anywhere else in Europe. 60% of the price of unleaded fuel is accounted for by tax, 58% on diesel. Luxembourg has the lowest prices in Europe.

January 2012 – Latest price survey for France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Fuel is cheapest in Luxembourg (95 13% cheaper than U.K., diesel 23%). Leader price was cheapest for Unleaded (3% compared with U.K.). Cheapest for diesel in France was Auchan Boulogne (14% cheaper). The new Real Tobacco shop on the French / Belgium border was cheapest for diesel in France and Belgium (15.6% cheaper than U.K.).

September 29th 2011 – We have just completed another fuel price survey, comparing fuel prices in North France, Belgium and Luxembourg with the U.K.

The good news is that diesel remains cheaper by about 15% but petrol is only about 1.3% cheaper. Interestingly, comparing the current prices with those two years ago, we see that petrol prices in the U.K. have gone by about 26%, whereas in France they have only gone up 18%.

Once again buying fuel on the autoroutes is more expensive – about 11.36% in the case of diesel and LPG, and 8.00% for petrol.

Cheapest in France for diesel was Auchan in Boulogne, followed closely by Intermarche in Calais and Auchan in Dunkirk.

Diesel remain cheaper in Belgium too, although generally a bit more than France. Interestingly the overall winner for day-trippers was L'Auberge – Real Tobacco on the Adinkerke / France border, where we found diesel at just 1.167 pence a litre.

Luxembourg remains the best place to fill up though with savings of 26% on U.K. prices, with diesel selling at just £1.02 per litre, and petrol (95) at £1.13.

June 2010 – Diesel now 16.6% cheaper in Calais.

September 2009 – We have just finished a very comprehensive survey of prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Basically, for Unleaded 95 its 5 to 8% more expensive in France and Belgium, but still cheaper in Luxembourg (8.64% cheaper). Diesel is about 14% cheaper in France, and Boulogne had cheaper prices all round compared with Calais. In Belgium in Adinkerke diesel was about 10% cheaper. Diesel in Luxembourg was a whopping 22% cheaper than in the United Kingdom.

Filling up on the autoroute is very expensive, and it really is worth making the effort to leave the autoroute and fill up at a nearby supermarket. Unleaded 95 was 11% more on the autoroute, diesel 18% more. There are usually big commercial centres near the péages, as you leave or enter a French city. Fill up before you rejoin the paid section of the motorway. You will save about 5 euro filling up off the autoroute.

LPG is marginally more expensive in France but much cheaper in Belgium (22.8% cheaper).

The official French Government site with the latest up to date fuel prices. Data is collected from all over France and the nearest supermarkets listed.

Worth a look at too, tells you about how prices ahve gone up over time.

fuel prices – Dover fuel prices.

What price?

The AA – The British Automobile Association European fuel prices survey. The AA UK Breakdown

We do our price surveys to see where it is cheapest to buy your fuel. We only do a new one if there is a tax change and for example, diesel becomes more expensive in Belgium. To find the latest up to date prices, click on the links listed above.

Oil – Mobile 1 is about £50 for 4 litres in the United Kingdom and just £30 for 5 litres in France.

July 2008 – Diesel now 1.419 euro in Calais, Unleaded 95 is 1.478 euro.

May 2008 – Diesel now 1.539 euro in Calais, Unleaded 95 is 1.489 euro.

December 2007 – Diesel now 1.305 euro in Calais, Unleaded 95 is 1.179 euro. In Belgium diesel is more expensive (1.409), but unleaded 95 (1.099) cheaper than France.

Petrol is no longer much cheaper in France. Unleaded 95 is a little cheaper compared with the United Kingdom.

LPG is now about the same price in Calais. Diesel remains a good buy however and is about 13.1% cheaper.

Petrol in Belgium is now more expensive than France and the United Kingdom Diesel remains a good buy though and is about 16.9% cheaper than the United Kingdom.

Diesel (GAZOLE) remains the most attractive purchase for channel shoppers when in Calais (13.14% cheaper in France). Buying on the autoroutes is extremely expensive (Petrol is 6.22% more than a hypermarket, and diesel about 7.82% more) – we suggest you find a supermarket and save money (fuel off the autoroutes).

Out of hours the best value garage seems for unleaded is the Shell garage near Auchan in Calais, for diesel the Elf Garage just off exit 3 on the A26 autoroute (the one you leave the port by).

You may not bring back petrol in cans on the ferry. However I personally do and have never been stopped. Eurotunnel allow you the following; "Designed for Use" plastic container, 2 x 5 litres (no more than 10 litres), "Designed for Use" metal container, 2 x 10 litres (no more than 20 litres).

Fuel Stations

Auchan 8.30am – 9.30pm. Carrefour-Cite 8.30am – 9.30pm (Carrefour fuel prices). Carrefour Mi-voix 8.30am – 8.30pm.

January 2007 – The machines at Auchan Hypermarket petrol station in Calais now accept United Kingdom credit cards. We also hear from visitors, that most Auchan stores in France now accept United Kingdom credit cards for oput of hours fuel.

Best Buys (Other best buys); Diesel is the best buy for fuel in France, as you will save at least 15% on United Kingdom prices.

For prices in Calais.

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Filling up on the Autoroute will cost you a lot more

autoroute fuel prices


We check petrol and diesel prices frequently. Regular updates are made to our web pages so that you can form your own opinion as to where to go in order to get the best deal or save the most (depending on your requirements). We found that fuel prices at Auchan Boulogne and Dunkirk are even cheaper than in Calais, although not enough for you to go out of your way.

Due to a local price war, the prices at all the main supermarkets are the same. Plan your journey, there are plenty of Hypermarkets close to Autoroute exits and a small detour will save you money (fuel off the autoroutes)

Diesel offers the best saving as it is about 13% cheaper. You save £8.80 a 50 litre tank.

Charts showing price differences – United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

French fuel prices

Survey of petrol and diesel prices in Calais, France

(United Kingdom prices converted at the rate of 1.22 euro to the £. Survey Carried out 10th July 2008)


Unleaded 95



In France

S.P. 95



Sainsbury's, London.




Auchan Hypermarkets




% more in United Kingdom.

– 1.03%



% less in Calais

– 1.04%



Carrefour Hypermarket




Autoroute – Elf Garage on A16 (Aire des 2 Caps)




% more on autoroutes




Filling up in Calais (50 Litres) will save you –

– 0.63p



** Avoid filling up on the autoroutes if you can – with a bit of planning you can go off the motorway and save a fair amount by filling up at a Hypermarket. Visit our fuel off the autoroutes page for more information.

If you are going to Adinkerke its worth stopping off at the Auchan Hypermarket in Dunkirk – fuel is often cheaper there than in Calais.

Local prices web sites

diesel price – Carbeo, a private site but easy to follow.

The official French Government site – comprehensive.

– Zagaz, French site discussing fuel supplies, prices and much more.

When there is a fuel shortage (pénurie de carburant), Zagaz usually have a pages devoted to this problem

The AA. For latest fuel prices in Europe.

IDS – European diesel prices (VAT not included!).

Saving fuel

Thes tips are from a French Government web site.

1. Drive gently and do not accelerate quickly

2. Avoid speeding

3. Try reduce your speed on motorways by 10%

4. Locally, use public transport

5. Maintain your vehicle

6. Check that your tyres are properly inflated

7. Don't overuse your air conditioning and heating

8. Use your car consumption indicators

9. When not in use remove the storage boxes on the car roof.

10. Choose fuel efficient cars


More popular in Europe than in the United Kingdom Known as GPL in France. However it is a bit cheaper in the United Kingdom (about 2%). Expect to pay around 0.709 euro (58p) in France. The Auchan Hypermarket sells LPG.

Where to buy LPG in France


Britain's taxes are the highest in Europe

The government says that we have high indirect taxes to support better infrastructure and services, but £36 billion was raised in fuel taxes in 1999, ONLY £6 BILLION WAS INVESTED.

When they say they are using high taxes to force drivers to be more efficient remember that the 422,000 freight vehicles today carry more freight than 500,000 vehicles 20 years ago. Modern trucks also produce 20 times less pollutants than 30 years ago.

The facts;

70% of the cost of fuel purchased in the United Kingdom is excise duty. The highest rate of diesel excise duty in the E.U. is in the United Kingdom.

With more and more people shopping in Europe, the downside of high taxes (you eventually raise less) will hopefully finally drop.


Taxes have been rising in France as well. This is the average price of a litre of diesel in France since 2001.

2001 July – 0.755 euro.

2002 January – 0.700 euro. July – 0.739 euro.

2003 January – 0.789 euro. July – 0.720 euro.

2004 January – 0.780 euro. July – 0.840 euro.

2005 January – 0.870 euro. July – 1.020 euro.

2006 January – 0.999 euro. July – 1.090 euro.

2007 January – 1.000 euro. July – 1.058 euro.

2008 January – 1.170 euro. July – 1.419 euro.


Unleaded fuel is more expensive in Belgium compared with France, but remains cheaper in Luxembourg. Diesel is cheaper Belgium.

FINA Garage – the cheapest place to buy fuel in Adinkerke.

Texaco, Duinkerkekeiweg 19. Tel: 0032 58 42 13 76. Open: 7/7, 6.00am – 10.00pm.

Useful Outside links

rip off britain – Rip off United Kingdom. – Worth visiting.

European fuel prices from the Autombile Club of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg fuel prices.

Irish fuel prices.

United Kingdom Fuel protest group.

How much tax you pay on fuel.

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