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For cross channel day trippers, shoppers and visitors wanting information on and to book, ferries to Calais, Dunkirk, and Dieppe in France, plus Ostende and Zeebrugge in Belgium, or information about Eurotunnel, when buying wine, beer spirits tobacco, cigarettes and food in Calais, France.

daytrip to calais

Cross Channel Ferries and Train information for day-trippers

For day-trippers looking for cross channel companies (ferry and tunnel) to Northern French and Belgium Channel ports from Dover, England.

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More about; EurostarEurotunnelDFDS (Dunkirk)Dover (Calais)P and O FerriesMy Ferry Link.

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Latest ferry news (PO Ferries sailing information) – Latest ferry news

Latest ferry news (DFDS Ferries) – ferries

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Dover to Calais ferry information, useful links.

2013 – Watch out! The highly competitive situation on the cross channel ferries, coupled with over capacity means the ferry companies are struggling to survive. Pricing policies have changed as a result. A few years ago fare structures became very simple and basically involved daytrips (usually 24 hour), and each way tickets. Now we are drifting back to the bad old days of 3 day, 5 day and longer stay fares, as well as overpriced single tickets and APEX fares (remember them?). Recently a new wheeze was thought up – flexi tickets. The headline rate can be bought, but if you are late you must extra, usually a lot more. Now we see supplements for booking a daytrip less than 24 hours from departure. This is plain silly as most daytrippers book their tickets within two days of travel.

Increasingly advertising is becoming more dishonest. Our approach to honesty involves a reasonable possibility of getting the advertised rate. However advertising a daytrip for £19 when you have to travel before 5.00am or after 4.00pm in the afternoon is not a £19 daytrip. This "deal" is from My Ferry Link, which is a pity, because of all the cross channel companies they have the most simple, straightforward and honest pricing structure. It is worth pointing out though that MyFerryLinks daytrips are 24 hour fares which means you can stay overnight. We were pleased for example not to be charged a supplement when booking a daytrip less than 24 hours before travel, neither did we pay extra when paying by credit card.

To Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe, Dunkirk, Ostende

Main day-tripping routes and companies

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To (from) – More about – Book a fare

p and o ferries calais – P and O Ferries (Calais).

feries to France Calais (Dover). More about P and O Ferries

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DFDS ferries – DFDS.

feries to France Dunkirk (Dover). More about DFDS (Dunkirk)

Calais (Dover). More about DFDS (Calais)

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ld lines ferriesLD Lines

feries to France Dieppe (Folkstone). More about LD Lines

eurotunnel to FranceEurotunnel

feries to France Coquelles, Calais (Folkestone), More about Eurotunnel

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eurostar to France – Eurostar.

feries to France Calais, Lille, Paris (London).

belgium ferries Brussels (London).

More about Eurostar

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Other routes for day-trippers

To Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe, Guernsey, Hook of Holland, Jersey, Le Havre, and St. Malo

brittany ferries to France and spain – Brittany Ferries.

feries to France Cherbourg, Caen and St. Malo (Portsmouth). More about Brittany Ferries

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condor ferries France – Condor Ferries.

feries to France St. Malo (Poole), Cherbourg (Portsmouth)

dover to calais Jersey and Guernsey (Poole)

More about Condor Ferries

ld lines ferriesLD Lines

feries to France Le Havre (Portsmouth). More about LD Lines

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There is also a seasonal service from Newhaven to Le Havre.

stena ferriesStena Linestenaline

ferry netherlands Hook of Holland (Harwich). More about Stena Line

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feries to France Dieppe (Newhaven). More about Transmanche (now operated by DFDS Ferries)

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