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Information about P O Ferries cross channel ferries – the internet magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to visit Calais, France and Zeebrugge in Belgium. Book a cheap p o ferry ticket online.

Cheap ferry dover calais

Cheap ferry - Dover Calais – PO Ferries.

All about mini cruisesMini cruise to Zeebrugge

Latest ferry news (PO Ferries sailing information) – Latest ferry news

2011 – New super ferries. With a large number of restaurants and shops, the new super ferries are well worth the effort to get on board. When booking, look out for Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France (service started February 2012).

P and O Ferries, Channel House, Channel View Road, Dover. Kent. CT17 9TJ.

Routes; Dover Calais in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Type of craft; Conventional ferries.

Reservations; 08716 645 645 (UK) / 01304 863 000 (if phoning from abroad)

Fax: 01304 863 464.

Booking office; Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Weekends 8.00am to 6.30pm.


With the most frequent sailings P and O Ferries remain a popular choice with regulars looking for a cheap ferry to Calais.

Overall though they are the most flexible of the cross channel companies – you can easily re book (if you change your plans for example) without too greater risk of a penalty.

New Dover to Calais ships from January 2011

P and O Ferries signed a Letter of Intent with the Finnish shipbuilder, Aker Yards, to construct two new ships for the Dover to Calais route a few years ago.

The first of these new ships entered service in January 2011 and the second arrives in September 2011, replacing the Pride of Dover and the Pride of Calais.

The new ships will be the largest ferries ever to operate in the Short sea sector and, at 210 metres in length and a gross tonnage of 49,000 GT, they will be the largest ships capable of fitting into facilities in the Channel ports.

With space for 180 freight vehicles they will double the freight carrying capacity of the ships they are replacing, whilst additionally providing a third vehicle deck for up to 250 tourist vehicles. The total number of cars that can be transported is about 1,059. Facilities for up to 1,750 freight drivers and passengers will set a new benchmark in quality standards.

These ships will be as environmentally friendly as possible, offering significant advances in fuel efficiency. The company will also be selecting eco-friendly materials in their construction and intends obtaining for them a "Green Passport" issued by Lloyd's Register.

With this investment, P and O Ferries, the largest ferry operator on the Strait of Dover, is planning to capture growth in the freight market, currently running in excess of five per cent per annum, whilst also serving the premium tourist market with a superior on board offer.

The company, and ultimately its customers, will also benefit from the huge economies of scale and lower running costs that such large ships can offer.

Budget airline style booking system!

From the PO Ferries website;

"Extensive market research conducted as part of our Business Review showed that the quality of our service and getting better value for money fares are important to our customers. We are therefore developing a new, simpler, low cost, airline style pricing policy for implementation during 2005, to ensure that you can easily access more flexible and attractive fares. Our prices will vary, based on demand and time of booking, offering great value if you book early.

Our on board service and offer is also being developed to ensure we deliver a quality, hassle-free, affordable and relaxing service that matches your requirements."

Long overdue in our opinion, although we are worried how this will affect the best advantages of travelling with PO FERRIES – i.e. The flexible approach which suits ferry travellers, who are more likely to be delayed.

Minicruises from Dover – "Car park shopper" tickets

With Car Park Shopper you can drive on board, park your car, then 'shop till you drop' safe in the knowledge that everything you buy will be carried to you car ready for you to drive off back in Dover.

From the PO Ferries web site; "With our great onboard deals you can stock up for those special occasions, parties and impromptu get-togethers. No need to be concerned about how much you can carry, as our staff are on hand to help you load your vehicle, ready for you to depart upon returning to Dover."

All about mini cruises

Eating on board

POF lead the way with regard to onboard eating offering a wide range of restaurants suitable for all tastes.

Club Lounge –

Upgrade to Club – its worth the extra.

Few people seem to pay the extra for the Club Lounge on the Dover Calais route – but it really is worth the extra £12 per person (£14 if purchased onboard). For example the newspapers are free and there is a choice. The coffee (you should get through at least two cups) is free and comes with a selection biscuits and chocolate. Normally coffee costs £1.40 per cup at the Coffee Company franchise elsewhere on board, and allowing £2.00 for the biscuits and newspapers, the actual cost of the Club lounge is much less than £12. There are often French Lifestyle Magazines for free – on our last journey they were giving away French Magazine (normally £3.99).

Well worth it when you consider the plush surroundings and excellent views, as well as the nicer toilets. Some lounges even have a shower to use.

You can even sit back and enjoy the view from our spacious lounge while their free Personal Shopper service collects your onboard purchases for you.

Priority loading on its own is £12 per person, however if you include Club lounge in your ticket it only costs £15 per person.

The only downside is that you cannot get a cooked breakfast, but the range of sandwiches is excellent. The scrambled egg and smoked salmon breakfast is generous. Club plus costs £16 and includes Priorité loading (£12 on its own) – excellent value in our opinion. Prices quoted are for each leg of the journey and per person.

It gets cheaper if more than one of you is travelling. For example, with two people in the car, Club costs £12.00 each but Club Plus (with Prioirité loading) is just £15 per person.

All Club bookings are fully flexible with no cancellation or amendment fees. It costs a bit more to upgrade once onboard. For even greater flexibility, don't forget to book their Priorité service, allowing you to board and depart first.

Club plus offers particularly good value at just £15 for Priorité and club lounge (per person).

Prices quoted are for each leg of the journey and per person.

Warning! Langan's Brasserie and Club Class lounge are no longer available aboard Pride of Burgundy.

poferry club lounge

poferry club lounge

poferry club lounge

poferry club lounge

poferry club lounge

When are the cheapest fares?

Dover to Calais

Book in advance, travel off peak, regularly check prices (they change depending on how full the boat is).

BOOK through – PO Ferries often have special offers for our visitors only. Latest offer – Day trip from £29 to Calais

Tips to save more

When sailing to and from Dover

* travel on the lite nights service and save up to 40%

* sail weekdays Sunday to Thursday

* look out for additional late offers throughout the year

When booking

* choose a low fare sailing.

* always book online.

* collect your ticket at check-in on the day of travel to avoid an extra charge

* pay by debit card to save you a £4 credit card booking fee (be careful to select the debit card option otherwise you will be charged the CC rate)

* plan ahead and avoid amending your booking to save you £5 per modification

* avoid cancelling your booking to save on cancellation charges.

Last-minute special offers – cheap tickets

Whilst on Board

Access to the car deck is forbidden during the crossing – make sure you have everything with you before leaving your car.

Lock up your car and leave it in gear with the hand brake on.

Cars powered by LPG should have their tanks switched off when on vehicle decks.

Do not carry petrol cans on board – full or empty. Do not overfill your tanks.

Loose gas cylinders must not be carried. Make sure gas cylinders, cookers and fridges in caravans are turned off.

No smoking is permitted on vehicle decks.

Illegal immigrants

Your car or van will be searched before you board the ferry in Calais. We suggest you leave everything in view. Do not even think of trying to smuggle people in your car. The French are now jailing offenders.

P and O Ferry Timetable – sailings

although the frequency of P and O Ferries sailings mean there is little waiting time for another ferry, even if you are late, sailing times change frequently. Their web site does caution that "all times are subject to change". We have found the morning sailings quite different to those listed and that times change frequently – ring before you go to be absolutely sure about travel times. Remember that you could be hauled in for a security check, which takes only a few minutes but may mean missing the ferry you raced to get to.

Buying in Bulk – how it works

P and O Ferries have a bulk buying scheme which has some great benefits. You have to hand in the order on the outward leg when you pay for the goods and get given a Priorité Boarding Pass for the return journey. The goods are take to your car on the return journey. The scheme only covers alcohol and is restricted to certain items, although the range is quite large. You have to spend at least £125.

PO Ferries also sail to Zeebrugge from Hull.

On board shopping

Beer is cheaper on board according to our surveys.

Useful Outside links

Port of;

Port of Dover.

Calais Port Authority.

Dover to Calais ferry website, loads of photos, information.

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