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Information about cooking holidays in France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

Cooking Holidays in France

Some useful information for gourmets and chefs wanting to improve their skills whilst visiting France.

France is an ideal place to holiday whilst improving your cooking skills.

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Cooking in France

Companies offering Cooking Holidays in France

Cooking in France (Dordogne).

Le savoir Faire – (French) useful website concerned mainly about Normandy giving information on course and learning about food.

French Tours. Tel: 0033 322 27 20 80.

Rhodes School of Cuisine – International cooking schools. Tel: 01428 68 51 40.

Inn Travel – cookery weekends in Normandy. Tel: 01653 629 010.

Go Holiday France. Tel: 01435 882 806.

Gourmet on Tour – classes, tours, tastings. Tel: 020 7936 550.

MMMMM – a new Dutch company offering cooking holidays in the South of France (Midi-Pyrenées).

tour de forks – Tour de Forks offers luxury, escorted culinary tours to Sicily, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Provence, Brittany, Normandy, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Our exclusive and original tours best represent the food, wine and culinary traditions of each memorable destination.

La Varenne.

U.S.A. – Cook Street French cooking and wine classes. French cooking tours. Tel: (303) 308-9300.

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ateliers des chefs – Ateliers des Chefs, learn how to cook with an professional chef.

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