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Car hire insurance. Excess car hire insurance – – needing information on car hire insurance.

Car hire insurance

Let's face it, buying travel insurance is difficult, and the inadequacy of a policy usually only becomes apparent when you claim for something. This is especially true when it comes to claims concerning car hire. It may be worth considering a specialist policy. We advise you to draw up a list of things you are concerned about or are likely to do and check the small print. Cheap policies have many drawbacks, but with careful selection good value policies can be found.

The AA alone rescues nearly 30,000 motorists stranded abroad a year. With an estimated 1 in 12 cars breaking down even before they get to the port, the best advice is simply to have your car serviced before going. If you break down however, here is some advice and the names, telephone numbers and links for some companies we have found. Be prepared – breaking down is unpleasant at the best of times, and even more frustrating in a foreign country.

Car hire insurance

Please also read the insurance exclusions of the car hire companies. Insurance policies offered are notorious for exemptions, get out clauses and vagueness.

Do not take it for granted for example that windscreens, tyres and the underside of the car are covered, or that the car hire policy has a small excess. Check your own policy as it may cover hire cars and offer better protection. Even better take out your own policy before you travel.

As usual, we advise you to check the terms and conditions, the main cause of insurance claim rejections. Look out for in particular how long and often you will be covered for, and whether this applies per rental or in total.

If you are likely to hire a car more than once a year, consider an annual policy. Don't forget to include any drivers who may also be with you, or who may have to take over should you become incapacitated.

If you have a hire car provided as part of a package, check to see if your own excess insurance is valid, it may not be.

Car hire insurance companies

Companies that offer special insurance for car hirers.

– Car Hire Excess Insurance.

– iCar insurance, regulated and authorised by the FSA.

– Insurance 4carhire Tel: 020 70126 300. Annual European Excess Cover. Covers up to 7 additional drivers, Annual cover for only £49.99, £4,000 excess cover, Covers Excess on damage to the rental vehicle, theft and damage to windows and tyres.

They also have a web site specifically dealing with excess. Daily Excess, costs from £4.50 a day.

– Insure for Excess. "We offer two types of product, Insurance Excess protection and Motor Excess protection. Prices range from as little as £35 for Motor Excess protection per year and we cover up to £750 of insurance excess. Our Insurance Excess protection product covers the excess on five key insurances; home, motor, health, travel and pet insurance. Prices start from as little as £35. The Motor Excess allows you to reduce your motor insurance premium by having a higher limit on your policy. This product must be purchased within 7 days of your policy renewal or start date".

– Protect your bubble, car hire excess insurance. "Car hire excess insurance from PYB offers both daily and annual cover for motorists driving in the U.K. and abroad. Buying car hire excess insurance independently from a car hire company can often work out more cost-effective – in fact, with a PYB policy, motorists may save up to 60% on the cost!".

carhire insurance

– Questor Insurance. Tel: 0844 736 5342.

– Useful guide on car hire insurance (pdf).

– Temp Cover Insurance. "If another driver urgently needs to borrow your car or you must drive a vehicle that isn't yours for a few days or a few hours, temporary car insurance provides complete protection.". Tel: 0844 573 0000.

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