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Ski insurance for skiing holidays and alpine adventures. Insurance for skiing holidays and breaks. List of companies offering ski insurance.

Ski Insurance

Advice and information from Here we list the insurance companies offering ski insurance with links and things to watch out for when buying a policy.

Although we all now benefit from free health care in other E.U. member states (European Health Insurance Card, the old E111), it is for basic cover only and does not cover evacuation from the mountain for example. It is always advisable to have your own personal or family insurance.

Never assume your travel insurance covers you or provides full cover when skiing. You can usually extend your policy to include skiing for a fee though. Whilst you can gaurantee a speedy and efficient rescue should you have an accident, the fees can be horrendous. Read the terms and conditions as they may contain something you take for granted.

The inadequacy of a travel insurance or ski policy usually only becomes apparent when you claim for something. We advise you to draw up a list of things you are concerned about or are likely to do and check the small print. Cheap policies have many drawbacks, but with careful selection good value policies can be found.

In France a company that provides full cover is Carré neige. Tel: 0033 479 31 10 80.

The Ski Club of GB now has it's own specially created insurance policy, and claims to be the best suited to skiers available.

Foreign Office warning – too few skiers have proper insurance. They note that most ski resorts only have private health facilities which are NOT covered by the European Health Insurance Card (old E111).

Tips and Suggestions for ski insurance

European Health Insurance Card (old E111) for provides for free medical cover – but you must get it before you go. It does not pay for ambulances.

It may be cheaper to upgrade your home insurance.

Take out insurance soon after you book (in case of cancellation due to illness or a death).

If you travel more than once a year look into annual policies – buying a single trip policy is expensive.

Make a note of your insurance policy number and insurers telephone number.

Always get a receipt or police report, and keep everything in a safe place.

Always report stolen items to the local Police immediately.

Always read carefully your policy terms and conditions before making a claim.


Medical £2 million, (£5 if USA). Accidental Expense – £1,500. Legal expenses £25,000. Personal liability £2 million. Watch out for baggage cover and excesses, "hazardous" activities like bungy jumping and jet skiing (even horse riding). Make sure children (including those at university) are covered, as well as unaccompanied children. If you travel as part of your job make sure you are covered.

TIP – sort out your travel insurance before booking your holiday – it may not be covered otherwise (its cheaper too!).

Tips and suggestions when buying ski insurance

Check your existing policies – many come with free winter insurance (up to 14 days usually).

Check specifically if snow board cover is offered.

Bear in mind that tobogganing, off piste and heli-skiing normally require additional cover. Some cover heliskiing at no extra cost, others classify it as an extreme sport liable to an extra charge.

Phone around for the best deal – it is worth persisting and reading the small print. Cheapest is not always best, but then the most expensive is often not the most comprehensive.

We have heard that if you don't get your ski equipment fitted by an approved and qualified ski technician then it can render your insurance invalid in the event of an accident.

Bear in mind that ski insurance is emergency accident insurance and not private health insurance. You will not be covered for an operation weeks after your accident.

Some companies have two levels of policy – it is often worth paying extra. Ask what the extra charge gives you.

European Health Insurance Card (old E111) only cover basic medical costs and will not pay for a mountain rescue, or repatriation costs. However it will speed up hospital treatment as it usually removes the need to ring your insurers first.

Carte Neige, which can be bought with your pass and entitles you to free and automatic mountain rescue, is likely to be included in your Ski insurance policy. However having it will simplify any rescue.

Steamy goggles – smear a drop of shampoo over both sides – it works!

Questions to ask when deciding which ski insurance to buy

Please be aware that specific ski insurance may deal with many ski related issues, but have shortcoming with regard to other matters. Our "Questions to ask when buying travel insurance" has even more suggestions on what to look out for, for travellers.

24 hour hotline number. In an emergency is there a 24 hour contact number? Due to time zone differences, access to a 24hr claim line is more necessary than many think. Most insurers now offer one, just make sure you've always got the number written down somewhere close to hand in case of emergencies.

Accident Cover – does the policy cover rescue transport to the hospital and back home?

Activities – Always check that the activities you may be planning in are covered.

Age – check if there are any age limitations.

Alcohol – if you were drunk when an accident took place this may well invalidate any claim you make.

Annual policies – are your children covered if they ski without you? On a school trip for example.

Cannot ski – will you get compensation if you cannot ski? Most policies only pay out if there is no snow.

Competitions – if you enter one and have an accident are you covered? (many policies DO NO cover competitions).

Cover – cheaper policies usually, but not always offer a lower level of cover, with more exclusions, higher excesses and more restrictions (such as not covering daytrips or limiting ski holiday cover).

Equipment – does it replace any stolen items with new ones or offer a financial award based on its age? Is a receipt needed before a claim is paid? (in general yes)

Excesses – check levels as well as specific excesses applying.

Extreme Sports – what is their definition of an "extreme sport"? (heli-skiing for example).

Heli-skiing – are pre-booked flights covered or only those taken once the holiday has begun?

Inconvenience cover – if you are hospitalised do you get any inconvenience money? (useful for taxi fares etc.)

Liability Cover (against the risk that you injure someone who sues you) – what is the level of cover? How much does extra cover cost?

Limits – how many days can you spend skiing/ in one country / at a time etc.?

Limits 2 – what are the limits for car hire, overnight accommodation, overall costs, cost of transportation, legal expenses etc.

Luggage delayed – if your luggage is delayed does the policy cover the cost of hiring equipment and ski wear? For how much?

Missed departure – how much cover? Can you re-book? If you do re-book, can it be with another airline or travel operator? Note: this occurs with ski holidays more than any other. Missing a flight because the taxi or coach cannot get to you may mean you having to buy a new ticket, especially if your arrangements have been made by you independently and not through a travel company as part of a package.

Off Piste – is off piste skiing covered, with or without a qualified ski instructor? What is the definition of "off piste"?

Over cover – paying for more than you will reasonably need is unnecessary. If you only ski in Europe for example, make sure you are not paying for skiing in America for example.

Partners – Does the policy include partners? (if named). What is the position with regard to same sex partners?

Physiotherapy – is there cover for this when you get home? How much?

Piste Closure – how many hours must the piste must be closed before you can claim? Does this depend on no snow and other problems? (e.g. avalanches, strikes). Are baby drag lifts defined as "ski lifts"? (if all "lifts" are closed).

Races – are the informal end of week ski races covered?

Related activities. What's normal to you may be defined as "hazardous" by an insurance company. Be specific, ask if what you may do is covered.

Renewals – its a common ploy for companies to offer a cheap first year premium and then steadily bump up the cost on renewal. Make a date in your diary to shop around close to your renewal time and compare prices. Avoid signing direct debits, as your circumstances may well change (getting insurance with a new credit card or bank account for example). Watch out for changed terms and conditions at renewal time.

Rescue – are all forms of rescue (including by helicopter) from the slopes covered, including search and rescue?

Restaurants – if skis are stolen from outside a restaurant, are they only covered if locked up?

Scheduled airline failure cover and 3rd party insolvency cover – Insurance from an airline or travel company often only covers their airline, not others, which you may have had to use in case of rescheduling for example. Check if this is the case. Insurance for independent travellers

Single or multi trip policy? The general rule is that if you travel more than once, get an annual policy.

Snowboarding – is it covered?

Snow mobiles – if you use one, even as a passenger, are you covered?

Specifically – which activities are covered. Most ski and travel policies only cover basic skiing and snowboarding. Watch out for competition cover and other snow related activities.

Undercover – a quick read of the terms and conditions will let you know if your assumptions about the policy are correct. Read them before buying.

Theft – if your ski equipment is stolen or lost en route, is there any money available for immediate hire or purchase in the resort? How long must the items be missing before a claim is agreed?

Travelling alone – if it is a family policy can the named individuals travel alone?

Treatment – is it covered? Is there an excess?

Valuable Items – these are often excluded from cover as the insurer assumes you would not take a valuable item of jewellery or camera on a skiing holiday. Check.

What exactly is covered – for example; bob sleighing, cross country skiing, ice hockey, mono skiing, para-gliding, ski jumping and snow boarding?

What? What are you doing there? If you fail to declare any specific activities you may be engaging in (especially something considered hazardous by an insurance company) before you travel, your claim will be denied. Think and disclose.

Questions to ask when deciding which travel insurance to buy.

French Ski Insurance companies

You can always buy ski insurance when getting your ski pass. However this can be an expensive way of getting cover.

Gras Savoye Montagne, 3B, rue de l'Octant – BP 279. 38433 Echirolles Cedex. Tel: 0810 12 22 85. Their insurance includes repatriation if you live in the E.U.

– Ski Club of Great Britain

The Ski Club of Great Britain offers a specialist travel insurance policy which it claims is the best on the market. There is even a policy with no excess.

*Standard Single Trip and Standard Annual Multi-trip policies are available to non-Ski Club members. Super and Executive policies are only available to Ski Club members. Membership costs from £24.

Prices (October 2009)

– Standard policies start from £17.16 (for 3 days, Individual, Europe)

– Super policies start from £22.53 (for 3 days, Individual, Europe)

– Executive policies start from £22.16 (for 3 days, Individual, Europe)

– Annual multi-trip Standard policies start from £58.30 (Individual, Europe)

– Annual multi-trip Super policies start from £81.40 (Individual, Europe)

– Annual multi-trip Executive policies start from £113.68 (Individual, Europe)

NB Premiums shown are the online prices which include the 5% discount

Companies offering ski insurance

Travel InsuranceMaking a claim on an travel or ski insurance policyInsurance associations and Ombudsman

Here are a few that offer insurance specifically for skiing holidays.

– AA Travel. Tel: 0161 495 8945.

Benefits of AA Travel insurance; Kids go free! Children aged 0-17 are insured free of charge on single trip travel insurance policies bought online when travelling with an insured parent or guardian living at the same address / Emergency medical assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year / Medical expenses up to £10,000,000 / Cancellation cover up to £5,000 / Discount Travel Insurance for couples and families / Special rates for single-parent families / Insurance cover for business travel included / Financial failure holiday protection included.

the AA travel insurance

– American Express / Going Places. Tel: 0800 028 7573.


– Aviva (was Norwich Union Direct). Tel: 0800 096 4715.

AVIVA single travel insurance

– Columbus Direct. Tel: 020 7375 0011.

– Endsleigh Insurance. Tel: 0800 028 3571.

endsleigh travel insurance

Essential Travel airport parking – Essential Travel. Tel: 0870 444 1921 / 0870 343 0014. Quote discount code no '100238'.

– Flexicover. Tel: 0870 460 8932.

– Go Sure.

– Gotravel Insurance. Tel: 0808 178 5806.

– Holiday Extras. Tel: 0870 844 2750.

holiday extras

– Insure with Ease.

Ski insurance cover for owned ski and snowboard equipment up to £2000!

– 1Stop Travel Insurance.

1stop travel insurance

"JS Insurance has launched a new policy for Winter Sports Travel Insurance, which provides excellent Medical and Personal Liability cover as well as other essential cover for the Winter Sports Season. The cover includes £10,000,000 Medical cover (which includes emergency repatriation) and £2,000,000 Personal Liability cover as well as cover for Cancellation or Curtailment and Personal Belongings. As well as these essential cover items, the policy as standard, covers Piste Closure, Avalanche Delay and Ski Hire.

This policy is available to U.K. and Irish Residents and covers individuals, couple and families as well. The age limit is 49 years of age and is available to persons travelling to Europe or Worldwide for the Winter Sports Season."


Other companies providing ski insurance

– ASDA Travel Insurance. Tel: 0845 300 7131.

Barclaycard. Tel: 0870 60 60 664.

– Barclays Travel Insurance. Tel: 0800 015 4751.

– BMC, British Mountaineering Council. Specialist insurer.

– Ski Club of Great Britain. Tel: 0870 075 9759.

Ski Insurance. Tel: 0870 755 6101.

Cahoot. Tel: 0870 400 4894.

– Churchill. Tel: 0800 026 4050.

– Direct Line. Tel: 020 8680 2121 / 0845 246 8704.

Esure. Tel: 0845 600 3949.

Europe Assistance. Tel: 01444 442 211.

FM Green. Tel: 01993 701 300.

Fogg Travel Service. Tel: 01623 631 331.

– Halifax. Tel: 0800 731 0180.

– Hiscox. Tel: 0845 330 9505.

– Insure and Go. Tel: 0870 901 3674.

– Post Office.

Preferential. Tel: 0870 600 7766.

sainsburys bank – Sainsbury's Bank. Tel: 0845 300 3190.

Snowcard Insurance Services. Tel: 01327 262 805.

STA Travel – Tel:

– The Idol Travel Insurance. Tel: 01931 71 11 71.

Worldwide Travel Insurance. Tel: 01892 833 338.

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