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Shoppers price survey for wine in Calais, France –

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Wine – a price survey

Apart from the very small range of decent French wines in U.K. shops and supermarkets, price is a big consideration too. If you like your Beaujolais Cru's or something a bit upmarket such as a Vacqueyras, the best place by a mile to shop is France. We like for example, Vacqueyras wines. At Auchan Hypermarket they have a very drinkable Vacqueyras for 7 euro – we finally found one in the U.K. (from Naked Wines) but look at the prices!

wine vacqueyras

March 2013 – U.K. Budget. £ & Taxes go up again in the U.K. – by 2% above inflation for wine, spirits and cider. General beer duty was REDUCED by 2%. For low strength beers it was reduced by 6%. From 2014 they will go up by the RPI.

May 2012 – Thanks to Boursot's Wine in Ardres for this snippet of information "Before VAT the UK duty currently stands at £1.90 per bottle of still wine and £2.43 on each bottle of sparkling wine. Add 20% VAT to both the duty and to the value of the wine and you have a very unhappy situation for UK wine drinkers. With the average sale price of a bottle of wine in the UK being £4.55, this means that around 60% of the cost of that bottle is now consumed in tax. In France there is only a negligible rate of duty on wine, thanks to the country being a major supplier of wine. So its tax still remains at an almost non-existent rate of around £0.02 per bottle!".

April 11th to 23rd 2012 – Wine Fair at Carrefour Hypermarkets.

September / October 2011 – wines fair time! Every year the main supermarkets and shops have a wine fair. These are well worth making the effort to get to. (France) / (Belgium)

July 2011 – I like a wine called Mercurey from Burgundy. It's impossible to find in an English supermarket. I found a choice of four recently at Le Clerc.

Wine is always excellent good buy in France. Overwhelmingly cheaper, you will save the cost of your fare and much more just by stocking up. You can still get very good deals in the supermarkets, and if you want something special the smaller independent suppliers offer good value. Remember that in the United Kingdom an average bottle of wine has just 30 pence of wine in it with over a pound of what you pay spent on marketing costs.

A daytrip to France, where taxes are much lower and marketing is less agressive, will see you get a very much better wine for your expenditure than at home, and you will save between 30 and 60% on United Kingdom prices.

We often mention that it's not just savings that make a day-trip worthwhile. The range and quality are certainly better. Just look for a Beaujolais Cru wine such as Brouilly or Fleurie in a U.K. supermarket, you will be lucky to find two or three.

Vat increase January 4th 2011. As a result of the VAT rise in U.K., for the first time, over 50% of the price you pay goes in tax and duty on a £5 bottle of wine, over 40% on a £7 bottle.

United Kingdom budget 2010 – Duty on beer, wine and spirits increased in March 2010. Alcohol duties will also increase by 2% above inflation for two further years from 2013.

According to our calculations this means that a bottle of wine now costing £10 will in 2014, after the last 2% increase cost 10.41% more in real terms or £11.04.

September 2009 – Even at 1 euro 10 to the pound we have found the savings when buying in France to range from 20 to 60% off United Kingdom prices. Furthermore, if you like French wine, the range in United Kingdom supermarkets is dire.

September to October 2009 – Wine Fairs (on now), excellent value to be had.

March 2009 – At Boursot's Wine Collection has Chateau de Sours Rose, Bordeaux, 2007. This normally retails in the United Kingdom for £8.99, but they have it for just 5.80 euro (approximately £5.20).

Cava is cheaper in France.

Don't overload! – more

Best Buys – All alcohol products are best buys in France. Excessively high excise rates in the United Kingdom make it worthwhile travelling to France to buy wine.

Champagne prices survey – interesting reading!

2009 – French Excise duty up 23%. The good news is that this will see a very small increase in the price of wine in France as duties are negligible on wines. Spirts or any high strength wines will be affected though. A 40% proof bottle of spirits will see its end value price rise by about 12%.

2009 – Prices in France – is it worth doing your grocery shopping in Calais?

It's easy to say the lousy exchange rate makes it worthwhile shopping at home. Wrong. Prices vary considerably and even the lousy exchange rate has not affected our view that it's cheaper shopping in France. Just check your shopping from France with local prices in the United Kingdom We often check the wines recommended in newspapers, they are always MUCH cheaper in France.

Budget news

Good news for channel shoppers in the budget (2008). Wine is up 14 pence a bottle of wine, 18 pence per bottle of sparkling wine, spirits sees a whopping 55 pence (a bottle 70cl) increase. This wipes out the increases we have seen in France because of the exchange rate recently.

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Look out for supermarket offers – they usually offer good value and choice.

Wine Hypermarket

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Pre-order £150 worth of wine online, and get a £10 discount!

pre-order offer from Majestic


We will soon be surveying the prices of the most popular wines for British shoppers in Calais.

Wine Prices in Calais, France

You can get prices by following these links from companies who do have price lists on their web sites, or allow you to download a file to look at.

Wine shops

Boursot's Wine Collection. / price list

Calais Vins.

Calais Wine Superstore.

Euroshop (in the Eurotunnel Terminal).

Le Chais. Calais shop closed 2011. There is a shop in Boulogne.

Intercaves. Check prices on line. Very little to look at, site being redesigned perhaps?

Majestic (was Wine and Beer Company). Majestic Wine price list (pdf).

Nicolas. Check the price list online.

Pidou Wine and beer (Calais and Dunkirk) price list.

French Supermarkets

Auchan Hypermarket Calais.

Auchan online delivery service.

Carrefour Hypermarket.

Carrefour online delivery service.

E. Leclerc (online delivery service).

Belgium Supermarkets

Delhaize wines.

French wines web shopping

Lavinia wines – Lavinia.

rouge blanc wines – Rouge Blanc.

vinogusto wines – Vinogusto, click on "Foires Aux Vins" for a useful list of French wine companies.

Finding a wine that is for sale in the United Kingdom

Supermarket wine – Supermarket wine, a very useful website (click on the supermarket first, then the country).

wine searcher – Wine Searcher. Find a wine, for both the United Kingdom and France.

Check United Kingdom Prices

Remember that many of the companies who have branches in both France and the United Kingdom will probably stock the same wines.

aldi supermarket calais – ALDI Supermarket.

ASDA Supermarket – ASDA Supermarket.

The Co-operative Supermarket – The Co-operative Supermarket.

drinks order prices – Drinks Order.

– Laithwaites online wines.

Majestic Wine – Majestic United Kingdom (click on "visit our United Kingdom store").

Marks and Spencer – Marks and Spencer.

Morrisons Supermarket – Morrisons Supermarket.

Oddbins wine – Oddbins United Kingdom. Prices in the United Kingdom. March 2011 – in Administration.

Sainsbury's wine – Sainsbury's United Kingdom

Tesco Wines – Tesco Wines United Kingdom

Waitrose Wine Direct – Waitrose Wine Direct.

Online United Kingdom companies

You must usually order a case of 12.

Drink Direct – Drink Direct.

Drink Direct – Slurp Online Wine shop.

– Strictly Wine.

Vineyards Direct – Vinyards Direct.

Winehound – Winehound.

Wine Fairs – September to October every year

Every year wine fairs are held by all the main supermarkets in France and Belgium, offering a great range and choice of French and other wines at superb prices. Prices are expected to be keen this year (2011), as there is a large stock to shift apparently.

It's the time when the wine producers shift their unsold stock via the supermarkets. However, it may not have been sold because it was a bad wine, we suggest you try and few bottle in the car park, and then go back and buy the ones you like. This year (2011) we found many buy 1 get one free, buy 12 get six free, and many other similar offers available. So far we have been happy with what we bought.

France. (France)

Auchan – September 13th to October 1st

Carrefour – September 7th to 18th

Carrefour Market – September 23rd to October 9th (prices and offers)

Geant Casino – September 6th to 17th

CORA – 25th August to 24th September

Franprix – September 15th to 25th

Intermarche – September 14th to 24th

Leader Price – September 7th to 18th

Leclerc – September 21st to October 2nd

Magasins U – September 27th to October 4th

Monoprix – September 7th to 18th.


Belgium – 2011 dates. (Belgium)

Champion from the 12th September to 2nd October 2011.

Carrefour 14th September to 18th October 2011.

Colruyt from the 5th September to 29th September 2011.

Cora 4th to 31st October 2011.

The Delhaize Supermarkets in Belgium wine fair runs from 15th September to 9th October 2011.

Intermarché 6th to 29th September 2011.


vinogusto wines – Vinogusto.

Les Vins, Belgian website about wine events including fairs.

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

wine cellar tracker – Cellartracker.

snooth wines – Snooth, American wine site.

vinogusto wines – Vinogusto, good source of information on French wines.

wine searcher – Wine Searcher. Find a wine, for both the United Kingdom and France.

Global Spirits – Global Spirits, useful site if you want to find about the background and composition of a wine.

rouge blanc wines – Great site with very useful maps and much detailed information on the wines they sell.

rip off britain – Rip off United Kingdom.

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