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car buying France

Car buying in France, Belgium and Holland

For cross channel day trippers, shoppers and visitors looking for ferries to Calais, France, or information on Eurotunnel – wanting to save money when buying and importing cars.

This page provides useful information on car buying in Europe.

The list of companies serving Britons buying in Europe is listed Below with links and telephone numbers.

With discounts of up to 20% being offered to United Kingdom buyers this year in an effort to stop customers buying abroad, the savings you use to be able to make by buying in Europe have been reduced. However there are still bargains to be had, you will just have to do a bit more research. There is the drawback of having to wait for your car (months) when buying abroad. Some dealers do stockpile the most popular models though.

Have you had your car serviced in France? What was your experience? Did you save loads? We want to hear from you as we are researching car service pricing now.

If you have any information that may help our visitors – please let us know.

August 2003 – due to the poor exchange rate it is not cost effective to order a car at the moment. However, given the yo-yoing of the Pound it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on prices.

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Buying Tips

Make sure the vehicle you want to buy is available in the United Kingdom You may have trouble when servicing comes around.

Find out how much the model you want is in the United Kingdom Before you go across – don't assume everything is cheaper abroad.

Find out how experienced the dealer is in dealing with United Kingdom customers.

Ensure that the final price includes any supplements for right hand drive vehicles.

Ask about the deposit you will have to put down when ordering, and what the position is if you cancel (due to delays for example).

Buy from authorised dealers, unless you know how do otherwise.

Ask for English manuals.

Bear in mind that the exchange rate may change by the time you come to pay the balance – to avoid any unwelcome surprises you may wish to leave the balance in a French bank account when you order the vehicle.

Before you pick up the car check that the dealer has arranged temporary insurance for you as well as transit plates for the vehicle.

Register the vehicle within 14 days at a Vehicle registry Office. Take your invoice to prove ownership, your United Kingdom insurance certificate, your driving licence, the E.U. Certificate of Conformity from the dealer, transit plates and the French (or Belgium) temporary registration document. Fill out the registration document (V55/5), pay your road tax and first registration fee. You will then be given a VAT 415 form which is passed on to HM Revenue and Customs. Within 30 days you will have to pay the tax bill.

Tip from the Message Board

Seized vehicle car auctions – East Coast Salvage on the A12 near Colchester. Prices start at £25+. More

Car companies in France (French sites) – Garages in Calais

Alfa Romeo. – Alfa Romeo.

Audi – Audi.


Citroën – Citroën.

Chrysler – Chrysler.

Fiat – Fiat.

Ford – Ford.

Honda – Honda.

Hyundai – Hyundai.

Jaguar – Jaguar.

Jeep – Jeep.

Landrover – Landrover.

Lexus – Lexus.

Mazda – Mazda.

Mercedes – Mercedes.

Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi.

Nissan – Nissan.

Opel – Opel (Vauxhall).

Peugeot – Peugeot.

Porsche – Porsche.

Renault – Renault.

Rover – Rover.



Skoda – Skoda.

Subaru – Subaru.

Suzuki – Suzuki.

Toyota – Toyota.

Volkswagen – Volkswagen.

Volvo – Volvo.


"How to Permanently import your vehicle into Great Britain" – information from the Department of Environment. Tel: 020 7676 2094.

Is your driving Licence up to date?

DVLC Car import help desk – 01792 783 539

DVLC Swansea general advice – 01792 458 888

Customs and excise London – 0207 202 4227

Customs and excise Dover – 01304 224 372 / 224 606

The Vehicle inspectorate – 01792 458 888.

TIP – use your credit card (not a charge card) when paying a deposit – the Consumer Credit Act makes credit card companies liable for any breach of contract

Companies that Import – for information only

Please take proper legal advice before proceeding with any purchase. Finance

Company Telephone Car makes
Abbey Auto Sales Tel: 01225 852 464 BMW
ACOR Trading (UK) Ltd Tel: 01202 290 534 BMW, Mercedes, VW
Alliance Car Imports. Tel: 01254 399 310 Most makes
Autoebid. Tel: 0800 033 6022 Most makes
Autobytel. Tel: 0800 783 1514 Most makes
Blue Cars Tel: 020 8408 3259 Honda, Ford, Jaguer, Landrover, Mercedes
BMW Import Agency Tel: 01594 825 550 BMW
Bob Gerard Ltd. Tel: 0116 259 2224 Honda
Broadspeed. Tel: - Most makes
Capita Trading Tel: 01733 210 139 Mercedes and Audi
Carfax International Tel: 07000 046 767 -
Coatons Tel: 01775 820 101 BMW, Mercedes, VW, Peugot, Rover, Toyota, Vauxhal, Renault, Subaru.
Conti Link. Tel: 020 8449 4240 Mercedes
Danish Car Imports. Tel: 020 7486 3474 BMW, Jaguar, Volvo
D.C.W. Ltd Tel: 0161 798 5887 -
Discovery Car Imports Tel: 01908 318 351 Discovery, Rover, Range Rover,
European Car Trading – Holland Tel: 0031 534 617 292 Most makes
Euro Continental Tel: 0870 442 0802 Most makes
Euro Invest – Belgium Tel: 0032 75 25 61 48 Most makes
Excaliber Imports Tel: 07720 288 144 Chrysler, Jeep, Volvo,
Executive Car Imports Tel: 0870 086 9130 Most makes
Executive Vehicle Imports Tel: 01797 225 335 Most makes
Go Brussels. Tel: 0032 485 325 002 Most makes
Go-Euro Cars Tel: 01732 883 044 Mercedes, Audi, BMW, SAAB, Jaguar, Land Rover
Hartford International Ltd. Tel: 01202 820 929 Most makes
Vintage Car. Tel: 0031 45 52 53 494 -
IVC Imports Tel: 0117 905 8738 -
Jam Jar Tel: - -
Lancashire Vehicle Sales Tel: 01257 241 346 Most makes
Lawson Auto Advance Tel: 020 7864 9949 BMW
Mercia Brokerage Tel: 01788 540 479 Honda
One Swoop. Tel: 0800 279 2798 Most makes
Park Lane United Kingdom Tel: 0044 1420 544300 Most makes
Prestige Cars (UK) Ltd Tel: 0121 236 2982 BMW, Mercedes, Porsch, Range Rover.
Quensbridge Motors Ltd. Tel: 020 7790 1639 Many makes
Real Cost Car Imports Tel: 01244 527 308 Mercedes, VW, Alfa, Audi, Porsche, BMW, MG, SAAB, Volvo
SAHA Tel: 020 8202 4059 Mercedes,
Track Marques Tel: 020 8961 9611 VW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, SAAB
Trans Europe Tel: 020 8689 5152 Most makes

Please mention you found out about the company concerned through

This information is provided for research only – If you have had problems dealing with any of the above companies – please let us know. accepts no liability for trading problems which may occur.


Eurocar Broker Services Ltd. Tel: 01798 812 519. Only finances imported cars.

Sequent Ltd. Tel: 01628 828 190.

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European Commission Report – Worthwhile link

say no to 0870 – Say NO to 0870.

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