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Information on shopping at markets and about Brocantes and Braderie (second hand markets) in Calais and North West France –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food, travelling by ferry or Eurotunnel.


Markets, and Brocante / Braderie (2nd hand markets)

French verb, brader – get rid of.

Annual markets in France

Markets in France are well worth a visit. They often have a good range of fresh vegetables (often organic) and locally produced goods unavailable elsewhere. Don't be put off by stalls that only sell one or two items – this is usually a good sign they have grown or reared the goods on sale themselves.

Basically there are; weekly markets (marches hebdomaires), monthly markets.

Second hand markets and car boot sales are very popular in France especially in the summer and before Christmas.

Calais has two lovely markets selling flowers, plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as meats and farm produce.

There are many different types of markets in France;

Braderie ou Foire (market or fair); Sales to the public of used items. Open to sellers. The best known is the Braderie de Lille.

Brocante; Object d'art and curiosities, bric a brac. You are likely to find professionals and serious collectors at brocantes. Don't forget to visit the antique shops.

Auctions (enchères). Use Page Jaunes to find a local one.

Depôts Vente – shops and warehouses where second hand goods are sold.

Trocs – shops and warehouses where second hand goods are sold.

Déballages – "Unpacking" in english, another market similar to a brocante.

Marché au puces (Flea market); Held in a public place, and where a person buys or sells goods.

Vide Grenier (loft clearance); Private sales, small scale amateur markets.

Top tips; Don't hesitate to ask for a smaller piece of whatever you are buying in a market. A piece / portion (moitié). You can even buy half a baguette if you wish. Take away is emporter in French.

Markets in Calais

Calais has two markets selling fresh produce. Both finish about midday so make it your first stop if on a day trip.

Wednesday and Saturday mornings. There is one in Place d'Armes (centre).

Thursday and Saturday mornings. At Place Crèvecoeur, there is another market. The Saturday market is worth visiting. Local farmers sell their freshly harvested products, including fresh watercress and leeks. Make sure you visit the covered section of the market. Here you will find dried sausages and mussels, locally produced cheeses, chickens (much tastier than factory farmed), and other local delicacies.

Sunday mornings. Place Salengro in the Fort-Nieulay district and in front of the Gerard Philipe cultural centre, Rue Rodin in the Beau-Marais district.

Christmas Markets – information on Xmas markets in this region is on our Xmas Shopping page. The Braderie (2nd hand) page also has some seasonal offers. More

For further festival and events information in Nord-Pas de Calais contact the local tourist board via the following: Tel: 0033 320 145 757.

Markets in other towns in North France

North West France – day by day

Monday – Audresselles, Outreau, Liques.

Tuesday – Le Portel (Boulogne), Wimereux.

Wednesday – Calais, Boulogne, Ambleteuse, Equihen Plage, Fiennes, Wissant.

Thursday – Calais, St Martin (Boulogne), Outreau (Boulogne), Marquise.

Friday – Le Portel (Boulogne), Guînes, Wimereux.

Saturday – Calais, Boulogne.

Sunday – Boulogne, Condette.

We have been unable to verify all this information gathered from web sites and tourist leaflets, many of which are often out of date. We suggest you check with the local Tourist Office before going.

Town (Miles from Calais) Market day Where?
Aire-sur-la-Lys (39) Friday -
Ambleteuse (15) Wednesday morning Place Foche
Arques (31) Tuesday morning Place de la Mairie
Arras (69) Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Grand Place, and adjoining Place des Héros.Audresselles (15) Monday morning Place du DétroitAudruick (15) Wednesday -Béthune (53) Monday -Bleriot Plage () Friday morning

Place de la Republique, Bleriot Plage.

Boulogne Centre (19) Wednesday and Saturday mornings Place Dalton
Sunday morning Place Vignon and Place Damrémont
Boulogne suburbs (19) Le Portel

Tuesday and Friday morning

Place de l'Église
St Martin

Thursday morning

Place Aristide Briand
Outreau Monday and Thursday morning Place de la Mairie
Calais Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. -
Condette Sunday afternoon (June to September) -
Devres (24) Tuesday morning Place Léon Blum
Dunkerque (30) Wednesday, Saturday. -
Equihen Plage Wednesday afternoon Place Albert Bécart
Étaples (38) Tuesday, Friday. -
Fiennes Wednesday morning -
Guînes.(8) Friday am -
Hardelot (29) Sunday -
Hesdin (55). Thursday. -
Le Portel (21) Tuesday, Friday. -
Le Touquet (40) Saturday, Monday (summer), Thursday Marché Couvert
Licques (15) Monday morning Place Christiane Collette Evrard.
Lille (72) Tuesday – Sunday. -
Lumbres (28) Friday -
Marck () Tuesday morning In front of theTown Hall.
Marquise (12) Thursday morning Place Louis le Sénéchal
Montreuil (43) Saturday. -
Outreau (21) Monday, Thursday. -
Roubaix (78) Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday. -
St. Omer (28) Thursday, Saturday mornings Place du Maréchal Foch.
Samer. Monday morning Place du Maréchal Foch.
Sangatte () Sunday morning

Place du General de Gaulle, Sangatte.

Stella Plage (41) Wednesday, Sunday. -
Wimereux (17) Tuesday and Friday morning Place de la MairieWissant (10) Wednesday morning Place de la Marie Evening Market 7.00 – 10.00pm – July and August.Zudausques 1st Sunday of Month – Organic Market -

Markets in towns – NORD, Pas de Calais by day

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Audresselles Arques Allouagne Ardres
Berck Auchel Ambleteuse Arras
Béthune Desvres Annay sous Lens Avion
Calais Estevelles Arras Béthune
Camiers Frévent Audruicq Biache St Vaast
Coulogne Grenay Barlin Blendecques
Douvrin Marck Beaurainville Brebières
Étaples Oignies Berck Bully les Mines
Hénin Beaumont Pas en Artois Billy Montigny Calais
Lens Souchez Boulogne sur Mer Calonne Ricouart
Le Portel Thérouanne Calais Camiers
Le Touquet Vitry en Artois Courrières Chocques
Licques - Cucq Drocourt
Montigny en Gohelle Divion Fauquembergues
Noeux les Mines - écourt St Quentin Haillicourt
Outreau - Hucqueliers Harnes
Rouvroy - Liévin Hesdin
Sallaumines - Longuenesse Houdain
Samer - Mazingarbe Isbergues
St Pol sur Ternoise - Noyelles sous Lens Le Touquet
Vendin le Vieil - Oisy le Verger Libercourt
Vermelles - Oye Plage Loos en Gohelle
Wimereux - Sains en Gohelle Marquise
- - St Omer Noyelles Godault
- - Wednesday Outreau
- - Wingles Pernes
- - Wissant Pont à Vendin
- - - St Martin Boulogne
Friday Saturday Sunday -
Aire sur la Lys Annezin Arras -
Aix Noulette Arras Berck -
Avesnes le Comte Auchy les Mines Billy Montigny -
Avion Auxi le Chéteau Boulogne sur Mer -
Bailleul s Berthoult Berck Bresmes les Ardres -
Bapaume Boulogne sur Mer Bruay Làbuissière -
Berck Bully les Mines Calais -
Béthune Calais Condette -
Beuvry Carvin Courcelles lès Lens -
Bruay Làbuissière Cuinchy Cucq -
Corbehem Dourges Liévin -
étaples Friuges Rinxent -
Fouquières lès Lens Hersin Coupigny Wizernes -
Guénes Houdain - -
Hénin Beaumont Lens - -
Lens Le Touquet - -
Le Portel Lillers - -
Lumbres Loison sous Lens - -
Mazingarbe Marles les Mines - -
Noeux les Mines Mazingarbe - -
Sangatte Méricourt - -
Vendin le Vieil Montreuil sur Mer - -
Wimereux Sallaumines - -
- St Omer - -
- Vimy - -

Brocantes – Regular flea markets

Brocantes have more professional sellers about, but are agood place to search for something specific you may be collecting.

Lille (Old Town)

– Every Wednesday and Saturday. Rue du Solferino

– Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Rue du Concert.

Braderie de Lille, the most famous braderie in France.

Wazemmes – Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning. Place de la Nouvelle Aventure, where you'll also find fresh produce and flowers.

Braderie and Vide Grenier – 2nd hand markets

Just as car boot sales in England are popular, so in France are Braderie (brader – get rid of).

Visiting braderie is a popular pastime in France, with many markets, particularly towards the end of the year.

Local markets

– L'Heritage (large antique shop), 32, rue Victor Hugo. Open Wednesday and Saturday.

– Magasin Bric-A-Brac, Ruelle des Rameaux, Nieppe (autoroute Lille-Dunkirk, exit 9). Tel: 0033 320 48 78 74.

– Boulogne Shop – Les Petites Puces (Antiquités – Brocante), 71, rue Faidherbe. 62200 Boulogne sur Mer.

Useful web sites

Good listings. / / /

Other useful sites.

Depôt Ventes

Dêpots Ventes, shops and warehouses where second hand goods are sold are very popular and common in France.

Depôt ventes have web sites which allows for easy checking.

easycash – Easycash, ZC Auchan, ZA Parc la Française. 62231 Coquelles. Tel: 0033 321 85 32 76.

trocante shop – Emmaus, a charity which collects items from people who are moving or emptying their homes, and resells them.

trocante shop – La Trocante is a chain of shops where you can buy and sell second hand goods. The Calais shop is now closed. The nearest depot is in Saint Omer. La Trocant, 11 avenue du Maréchal Joffre. 62500 Saint Martin au Laert. Tel: 0033 321 88 52 64.

troc shop – Troc is another large French chain with 180 shops in France. Items can be bought on line or at their warehouses. Calais Shop – Troc, Zac Curie, Rue Gutenberg. Tel: 0033 321 17 08 38.

Antique Shops in France

Some links;

Antiquites en France. Useful site listing antique shops in France.

Curiositel, more shops.

Articite, Shops in the NORD / Pas de Calais region.

Salvoweb. Reclaimed items shops in France.

Paris markets

troc shop

Paris markets.

Interactive map.

Useful Outside links

– Check out the latest catalogue / leaflet offers (PDF).

Planville guide to braderies in NORD, Pas de Calais.

Excellent site full of events and braderie held in Nord Pas de Calais.

French fairs – French fairs in the United Kingdom (mostly South East).

A United Kingdom website about car boot sales, including a useful "tips and tricks" section.

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