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Links and information to ski wear companies –, the independently researched site for day trippers, shoppers and visitors to France.

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Ski wear and equipment, sportswear at Factory Shopping Centres

Ski train – tickets go on sale in July.

Buying skiwear, boots and equipment can set you back a lot of money. This page is designed to help you find the shops and centres in France which sell discounted ski equipment. We highly recommend visiting one of the testing opportunities that take place in the run up to Xmas each year, where you can test the latest season's skis and snowboards and much more. Happily more and more shops are now opening at Factory shopping centres.

Want to test a snowboard or ski before you buy? Try visiting one of the ski and snowboard testing events held every year from mid November, where you can try out skis, snowboards and skiwear.

Sales are another good opportunity to get discounted ski equipment. In France sales can only be held at set Government approved times.

We gather that most French Skiwear is 10 – 20% cheaper in France because, there is no importer taking a cut, just distributors dealing direct with the manufacturers. The exchange rate is important, but so too is the range available and expertise of the staff.

According to James Lester at Precision Ski (formerly Carrel Sports) in Les Deux Alpes, it's also no more expensive buying at the resort, as shops sell at the manufacturers recommended price. Race gear is a particular good buy in France, as United Kingdom shops are scared of being left with unsold stock.

Good news! Swiss Airlines does not charge its passengers for ski and snowboard equipment transport. One pair of ski (including ski boots and sticks) or one snowboard (including boots) per passanger is included in the ticket price (unless it exceeds the free baggage allowance). In 2009 at the annual Guardian and Observer Travel Awards ceremony, Swiss won the "Best short haul airline" award.

If we have missed a company with a web site – let us know

Ben's ski bus

Ski wear and equipment, sportswear at Factory Shopping Centres

Surprisingly there are not many shops selling ski wear and equipement at Factory Shopping Centres. To get a good deal try the sales (summer in particular), or make sure you are in a ski resort at the end of the season, when shops, many of which are closing, frantically discount skis and ski boots.

Sport shops are plentiful in Factory Shopping Centres, but the range of ski equiment is limited.

We have found the following shops in France and Belgium;

Adidas skiwearAdidas. Adidas shops – McArthur Glen. 44 mail de Lannoy, 59100 Roubaix, and Boulevard du Parc. 62231 Coquelles.

Aigle skiwear – Aigle. McArthur Glen, Troyes. Outdoor Stock (L'Usine), Roubaix. Aigle are at Marques Avenue Metz, Paris and Romans, La Valle Village (Paris), Centre L'Usines (Rouabix). Quai des Marques (Paris north).

Bigline glasses – Billabong. McArthur Glen in Roubaix and Troyes. Marques City (Troyes). Quai des Marques (Paris north).

Columbia ski – Columbia. McArthur Glen in Troyes.

Degre 7 skiwear – Degre 7, 17 chemin de la poterne. 38400 Saint Martin d'Heres. Isre.

Dynastar skis – Eider. McArthur Glen in Troyes.

Helly Hansen skiwear – Helly Hansen. Outdoor Stock, L'Usine. 59100 Roubaix.

Huralp, Magasin d'usine stock (Ski-wear). Rue des coutelliers. 05100 Briancon.

lafuma skiwear – Lafuma Factory Shop. rue Lafuma – 26140 Anneyron. There are also shops at: McArthur Glen in Troyes and Roubaix, Marques Avenue Paris, Metz and Troyes, Usines Centres Paris Nord and Villacoublay, and Centre L'Usines Calais. Quai des Marques (Paris north). www.lafuma.comLange skiwear – Lange at the Messancy Centre in Belgium

– Lowe Alpine. Marques Avenue Metz.

Oakley ski – Oakley. McArthur Glen in Troyes.

– Odlo. Marques Avenue Paris and Troyes.

O'Neill ski – O'Neill. Marques Avenue Metz. Marques City (Troyes).

Puma skiwear – Puma. Marques Avenue Talange. ZI de Talange. Hauconcourt. 57525 Talange, 9, quai du Chatelier. 93450 Ile St-Denis.

– Ripcurl. There is a factory shop for Ripcurl at 407 av. de la Tuilerie. 40150 Soorts-Hossegor. Ripcurl shops are at; Marques Avenue Troyes, Marques City (Troyes), Usines Centres Paris Nord, Centre L'Usines (Calais and Rouabix).

Quicksilver skiwear – Quicksilver. McArthur Glen Metz, Troyes. Degriff-Gliss. Quai des Marques. 395 avenue du General Leclerc. 95130 Franconville (north of Paris). Usines Centres Paris Nord and South. Centre L'Usines (Rouabix). Quai des Marques (Paris north).

Roxy skis – Roxy. McArthur Glen Troyes.

Salamon ski – Salomon. At the Adidas shop, Boulevard du Parc. 62231 Coquelles, and at the Mc Arthur Glen centre in Troyes, Roubaix, Mc Arthur Glen centre in Messancy (Belgium / Luxembourg). Also at Centre L'Usines (Rouabix), Marques Avenue Paris, Marques Avenue Metz, Usines Centres Paris Nord and Villacoublay, Quai des Marques.

Sun Valley skiwear – Sun Valley. Feline 3. 16 rue Marc Verdier. 10150 Pont Sainte Marie. Mc Arthur Glen centre in Troyes.

What to find where – Factory Shopping Centres

At McArthur Glen Troyes; Aigle, Billabong, Columbia, Eider, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Oakley, Quicksilver, Roxy, Salomon.

At McArthur Glen Roubaix; Billabong, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Salomon.

At McArthur Glen Luxembourg (Messancy) in Belgium there is a Lange shop and a Salomon shop.

In Grenoble there is a Degre 7 factory shop with skiwear in stock.

At Marques Avenue Paris; Aigle, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Odlo, Oxbow and Quicksilver.

At Marques Avenue Metz (Talange); Aigle, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Lowe Alpine, O'Neill, Oxbow and Quicksilver.

At Marques Avenue Troyes; Lafuma (Millet and Eider), Odlo, Oxbow and Ripcurl.

At Marques Avenue Romans; Aigle.

At Usines Centres Paris Nord there are Lafuma (Millet and Eider) and Quicksilver, and at Villacoublay; Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Quicksilver and Ripcurl.

At La Valle Village (Paris) there is an Aigle shop.

At Centre L'Usines (Rouabix) there are Aigle, Quicksilver, Ripcurl shops, and in Calais, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider) and Ripcurl shop.

At Marques City (Troyes); Billabong, O'Neill, Oxbow and Ripcurl.

At Quai des Marques (Paris north) there are; Aigle, Billabong, Lafuma (usually includes Millet and Eider), Quicksilver.

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