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Links and information to ski wear companies –, the independently researched site for day trippers, shoppers and visitors to France.

ski in France

Ski Wear Companies

Ski train – tickets go on sale in July.

If you are looking for a concise list of ski wear companies – a list of names which we have collected for your convenience from numerous newspapers, magazines and surfing the net, this is the page for you. We have phoned around to get their web page addresses for you.

We gather that most French Skiwear is 10 – 20% cheaper in France because, there is no importer taking a cut, just distributors dealing direct with the manufacturers. According to James Lester at Precision Ski (formerly Carrel Sports) in Les Deux Alpes, it's also no more expensive buying at the resort, as shops sell at the manufacturers recommended price.

Buying ski boots, where's best? There is one big advantage when buying ski boots in France as I found recently with my son. He has wide feet, but a good three hours were spent by the fitter at Precision Ski in Les Deux Alpes. Having tried them out he has been back twice for further adjustments. Impressive.

Want to test a snowboard or ski before you buy? Try visiting one of the ski and snowboard testing events held every year from mid November, where you can try out skis, snowboards and skiwear.

Sales can only be held at Government approved times in France. Race gear is a particular good buy in France, as United Kingdom shops are scared of being left with unsold stock.

There are an increasing number of shops selling ski wear in the Factory shopping centres.

Foreign Office warning – too few skiers have proper insurance. They note that most ski resorts only have private health facilities which are NOT covered by the European Health Insurance Card (old E111).

Good news! Swiss Airlines does not charge its passengers for ski and snowboard equipment transport. One pair of ski (including ski boots and sticks) or one snowboard (including boots) per passanger is included in the ticket price (unless it exceeds the free baggage allowance). In 2009 at the annual Guardian and Observer Travel Awards ceremony, Swiss won the "Best short haul airline" award.

If we have missed a company with a web site – let us know

Ben's ski bus

Ski, Snowboard and Skiwear Companies

ski 686 – 686.

Pockski helmets – ABS, air bags for skiers.

ACG – Ski wear by Nike. United Kingdom Nike store. /

nike store

Adidas sportswearAcademy, Snowboards.

Adidas sportswearAdidas.

Aigle clothes – Aigle. Voie du Bois, 10150 Pont sainte Marie. Troyes.

Aigle clothes – Allian, Snowboards.

Scott ski – Amplid. Skis, snowboards and skiwear.

Scott ski – Analog Clothing.

Scott ski – APO Skis, binding and snowboards.

Scott ski – Arbor Collective.

Arc'teryx – Arc'steryx. Tel: 01604 451 7755.

Armada skisArmada Skis.

Armada skisARTEC Snowboards.

Atomic skisAtomic – Austrian producer of skis and skiwear.

Atomic skisAutomaton, Snowboards.

Berghaus skiwear – Batalon, Snowboards.

Berghaus skiwear – Berghaus. Tel: 0191 415 0200.

Bigline glasses – Bigline (sports sunglasses).

Bigline glasses – Billabong skiwear.

K2 American skiwear – Black Crows.

Blizzard skisBlizzard – Men's and women's skis. French company.

Bollé skiBollé (Goggles). Bolle do a clip on lens for ski goggles called RX adaptor worth considering.

Bonfire ski – Boheme, Skis and snowboards.

Bonfire ski – Bonfire.

Booster ski – Booster.

Born for Sports ski – Born for Sports.

Bumtribe skiBumtribe – practical skis.

Bumtribe ski – Burton, snowboards and skiwear.

Carrera Ski – Capita, Snowboards.

Carrera Ski – Carrera.

Carrera Ski – Clone, Snowboards.

Columbia ski – Columbia. Tel: 01749 686 869. ***

Conform-able ski – Conform-able.

Conform-able ski – Contract, Snowboards.

Cotswold Outdoors – Cotswold Outdoors. Tel: 01666 575 575.

Dainese ski – Dainese.

Dakine ski – Dakine.

Dakine ski – DCshoes, skiwear.

Degre 7 skiwear – Degre 7.

Diamir ski – Diamir. Tel: 01785 840 835.

Diamir ski – Dinosaurs will Die, Snowboards.

Diamir ski – Drake Powderworks.

Diamir ski – Drift Cameras.

Diamir ski – Dupraz, Snowboards.

Diamir ski – Duret, Skis and snowboards.

K2 American skiwear – Dynafit skiwear.

Dynamic skisDynamic – A well known French ski company (now part of Atomic).

Dynastar skisDynastar – French skis.

Dynastar skis – Eider.

Eisbar ski – Eisbar.

Elan skiElan – Slovenian skis.

Elan skiElan, snowboards.

Elan ski – Electric skiwear.

Embers Merino skiwear – Embers Merino Skiwear.

Embers Merino skiwear – Endeavor Snowboards.

Eska ski – Eska.

Pockski helmets – F2, Snowboards.

Pockski helmets – Faction Skis.

Pockski helmets – Faible customiseable skiwear.

Pockski helmets – Fanatic Snowboards.

Pockski helmets – Fat-ypus Skis.

Finistere Ski – Finistere Skiwear.

– Flow, Snowboards.

– Fischer.

– Forum, Snowboards.

Finistere Ski – Furlan, Snowboards.

Finistere Ski – Gnu Snowboards and skiwear.

Finistere Ski – Go-Shred journey sharing.

Goldwin ski – Goldwin.

Gore-tex skiwear – Gore-tex.

Gravis ski – Gravis.

Gravis ski – Green, Snowboards.

Gravis ski – Green, Snowboards.

GTEK skiwearGTEK. Italian skiwear.

Helly Hansen skiwear – Helly Hansen.

Helly Hansen skiwear – Icebreaker clothing.

Ignite skiwear – Ignite.

Ignite skiwear – Imperium, Snowboards.

Intersports ski hire – Intersport, ski equipment and wear, as well as hiring.

jack wolfskin – Jack Wolkskin.

jones snowboards – Jones Snowboards.

K2 American skiwearK2 – American ski producer. Tel: 01527 510 570. /

– Kastle.

– Kjus.

lafuma skiwear – Lafuma ***.

Lange skis – Lange. Tel: 0208 998 4553.

Leki ski – Leki.

Level gloves – Level gloves.

Level gloves – Libtech Snowboards.

Level gloves – Line Skis and skiwear.

Level gloves – Lobster, Snowboards.

Lokamotiv skis – Lokamotiv Skis, a new Swedish company.

– Lowe Alpine.

Mammut ski – Mammut.

Mammut ski – Millet.

Movement skisMovement – Swiss company.

Mundaka optic – Mundaka.

Nidecker ski – Nidecker.

nike shoes – Nike sportwear, some skiwear items.

nike shoes – Nikita Skiwear.

Nitro ski – Nitro. / Raiden Bindings, boards and boots.

nike shoes – Nixon watches and accessories.

Nordica skisNordica – Produces a large range of skis.

North Face skiNorth Face, makers of a range of quality, innovative ski wear.

North FAce ski – Northwave, ski wear.

Oakley ski – Oakley.

– There is an Oakley shop at the McArthur Glen Factory shopping centre in Troyes.

– Odlo.

O'Neill skiO'Neill.'neill ski

Ortovox ski – Ortovox.

Patagonia ski – Patagonia. Tel: 0207 721 8717.

Pieps ski – Pieps.

Pockski helmetsPocski – Helmets and armour.

Protest SkiwearProtest Skiwear.

Puma sportwear – Puma.

Quicksilver ski – Quicksilver ***

– Rad Air, Snowboards.

– Republic, Snowboards.

– Ride, Snowboards and skiwear.

– Ripcurl.

– Rome Snowboards, binding and skiwear.

Rossignol skisRossingnol, Skis.

Rossignol skisRough, Snowboards.

Roxy skis – Roxy. Making a name with its range of fashionable skis and ski wear for women. Also sponsors a women only snow boarding team. Also has a range for teenagers. ***

Rywan sports socks – Rywan, sports socks.

SalomonSalomon. A well established and popular company making skis and ski wear. Tel: 0800 389 4350. / ***

Schoffel skiSanta Cruz, Snowboards.

Schoffel ski – Schoffel. Tel: 01572 77 09 00.

Scott ski – Scott.

Scott ski – Silbaerg Snowboards.

Smartwool ski – Smartwool.

Smith optics – Smith.

Snowlife Ski – Snowlife.

Spyder ski – Spyder.

Stockli ski – Stockli.

Superfeet ski – Superfeet.

Surfanic skiwear – Surfanic Skiwear.

Swatch ski – Swatch.

Tahoe skiwear – Tahoe.

Taiga ski – Taiga (Canadian company).

Technica ski bootsTechnica – Ski boots. Tel: 0208 998 4533.

Trepass skiwear – Trepass.

UVEX ski – UVEX.

Van Snow ski – Van Snow.

Vist skiwearVist skiwear. An Italian company, with it seems one shop – in Italy. Many skiers will have noticed their stylish outfits on the slopes however.

Volant skisVolant – High quality skis. Tel: 0031 20 581 8550.

Snowlife Ski – Volcom Snowboards and skiwear.

Volkl skisVolkl. German company producing skis.

Skiwear VuarnetVuarnet Skiwear and equipment.

– White Doctor Skis.

Skiwear Vuarnet – Yes Snowboards.

Zag skisZAG – makes practical, easy to use skis.

Zag skisZion, Snowboards.

*** Shop at Mc Arthur Glen Factory Shopping Centre in Troyes


Magic Potion – an ecological "glide" product which lasts 4 days. A resin based product it can even be applied in the cold.

Magic Potion ski wax

Navman – produces a range of monitors using GPS technology, which tell you where you are, how far you have gone etc. Small and portable, can be used when skiing, walking or wind surfing.

X Sock skiwear – X Socks.

Ski wear and equipment, sportswear at Factory Shopping Centres

Sun Valley skiwear – Sun Valley. Feline 3. 16 rue Marc Verdier. 10150 Pont Sainte Marie.

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