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Information on Tourist Offices in the Calais and France – the web magazine for visitors to France.

Tourist Office in Calais, France

For cross channel day trippers, shoppers and visitors wanting information on French Tourist Offices in Nord and Pas-de-Calais in France – Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk and other towns.

Telephone and Fax numbers, web pages, links and e-mail addresses.

This page is about Tourist Offices in Calais, with some information on departmental and regional Tourist Offices as well. To find out more information (Departmental and Regional) click through to the relevant page.

For Tourist office in other regions and towns visit the web pages for those towns.

Calais Tourist Office

Calais Tourist Office.

calais tourist office – Calais tourist Office English web site.

12, Bd. Clemenceau, Calais. 62100. Tel: 0033 321 96 62 40.

Open (1st September to 30th April); Monday – Friday, 10.00am to 6.00pm. Saturdays 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Open (1st May to 30th August); Monday – Saturday, 10.00am to 6.00pm. Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Sunday (when there are events on), 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Pass "Escalles Calaisis". (Stopover Calais pass). If you are planning on visiting any of the tourist facilities in Calais and the surrounding area, this pass is well worth the 8 euro it costs. It allows one time access to each of the following museums: The International City of Lace and Fashion (temporary OR permanent exhibition), The Museum of Fine Arts (temporary AND permanent exhibition) and The Museum of Memory 39-45. Additionally you get discounted rates at the following places; The Calais Lighthouse (Phare de Calais), Museum of the Atlantic Wall (Musee du Mur de l'Atlantique), Blockhouse Eperlecques, Museum 39/45, Clock Tower (Tour de l'Horloge), Water sports arena ICEO, Based yachting, St. Joseph Village, Eurolac, Centre Equestre de Calais, Bowling and laser game of Calais, Gaumont Cinema.

Useful guide packed full of information for visitors;

calais mairie – Town Hall.

Free hotel booking service, good value bureau de change, group tours, advice, information, leaflets, etc.

Regional Information

nord pas de calais tourism – Conseil Région al Nord – Pas de Calais. Hôtel de Région – Centre Rihour. 59000. Lille. Tel: 0033 328 82 82 82.

northern France tourism – Comité Région al du Tourisme, Nord – Pas de Calais. 6 Place Mendès France, 59028 Lille Cedex. Tel: 0033 320 14 57 57.

Departmental and Town Information

conseil pas de calaisPas-de-Calais – 62

Departmental Tourist Office, La Trésorerie, Wimille. BP 79. 62930. Wimereux. Tel: 0033 321 10 34 60.

calais chambres commercemore on Calais

Calais Tourist Office, 12, Bd. Clémenceau, Calais. 62100. Tel: 0033 321 96 62 40. They have an excellent web site which is comprehensive and attractive.

Chambres de Commerce.

boulogne touristmore on Boulogne

Boulogne Tourist Office; Forum Jean Noël, Quai de la Poste, BP 187, 62203. Boulogne-sur-Mer. Tel: 0033 321 10 80 10.

pas de calais tourism – Comité Départemental de Tourisme du Pas-de-Calais.

shopping in boulogne – Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais.

boulonnais tourism – Tourism website from the Communauté d'Agglomération du Boulonnais.

Chambres de Commerce. Tel: 0033 321 99 62 59.

nord tourismNord – 59

Departmental Tourist Office, 6, rue Gauthier de Châtillon – BP 1232. 59013. Lille Cedex. Tel: 0033 320 57 59 59.

Nord Department Tourism. /

dunkirk tourismmore on Dunkirk

Dunkirk Tourist Office, 4 Place Charles Valentin, 59140. Tel: 0033 328 26 27/28. Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 12.30pm, 1.30 – 6.30pm. Saturday 9.00am – 6.30pm. Sunday 10.00am – 12.00 noon, 3.00 – 5.00pm.

Chambres de Commerce.

Lille tourismeLille Tourist Office, Palais Rihour. 59002. Tel: 0033 359 579 400. / / / /

Regional Parks

National Parks

Area Tourist Offices

La terre des 2 Caps. There is an office in the Aire de l'Epître on the A16 autoroute between Calais and Boulogne.

Office de Tourisme ISNOR. 3, rue du Marais, 62500. Clairmarais. Tel: 0033 321 39 15 15.

Office de Tourisme de l'Ardresis et de la Vallee de la Hem. Chapel des Carmes, BP 3, ARDRES. 62610. Tel: 0033 321 35 28 51.

Office de Tourisme de Marquise et Pays Alentour. 15, place Louise Le Sénéchal, Marquise. 62250. Tel: 0033 321 87 50 52.

Office de Tourisme du Compte des Trois Pays. 14 Georges Clémenceau – 62340 Guînes. Tel: 0033 321 35 73 73.

Pays de Guînes: Andres, Bouquehault, Campagne les Guînes et Guînes

Pays de Licques: Alembon, Bainghen, Herbinghen Hocquinghen, Licques et Sanghen

Pays d'Hardinghen: Boursin, Caffiers, Fiennes, Hardinghen et Hermelinghen

ccs France – Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie de France.

Chambres Région al de Commerce, 2, Palais de la Bourse – BP 500. 59801. Lille. Tel: 0033 320 63 79 79.

Calais Chambres de Commerce. Tel: 0033 321 46 00 16.

Some Local Chambres de Commerce


Boulogne Chambres de Commerces.







Saint Omer/Saint Pol.

opale meetingOpale meeting, Club du Tourisme d'Affaires de la Cote d'Opale.

This is a local grouping where local providers have joined forces to asssist you set up conventions, seminars and PR events on the Cote d'Opale.

lesecos – French businesses web site.

SIRET Numbers – When a French company is registered it gets issued with a SIRET number. You must have one to operate legally in France.


Tourist Information Centre, Townwall Street, Dover, KENT. 7 days a week all year.

Tel: 01304 205 108. /

Cross Channel tickets / Theatre Tickets / Maps / guides / accommodation booking.

Car parking information and Accommodation 0839 401 570.

Useful Outside links

Les Greeters, local people who will show you around for free (French).

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