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Best ferry fares – Season tickets, frequent traveller clubs for cross channel companies – ferry companies and Eurotunnel

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Season tickets, Carnets and Frequent Travellers clubs

All the cross channel companies now have some sort of frequent traveller scheme in place. Fares can be very reasonable although travel times are restricted and the "Carnet" (or book) of tickets needs to be paid for up front. Tickets usually last for a year, but sometimes this applies from the date of purchase, not first date of travel.

It pays to find the time to shop around – for the best fares, be flexible.

2012 – We wrongly predicted fares would rise with the demise of Seafrance. Although there has been some movement upwards, the biggest change has been the introduction of fixed and flexible fares. The arrival of My Ferry Link which has promised a simple and straightforward fare structure, should ensure the positive fare structure travellers have enjoyed will remain.

Book via this site with PO Ferries, DFDS Ferries and get the internet booking discount generally not available with agents.

Season tickets / Frequent traveller schemes

Brittany Ferries have a Property Owners Club which costs £60 for the France only option (there is a Spanish Club as well). There is a £70 registration fee. There are a lot of benefits, but the most important are on the United Kingdom – France routes; Up to 30% – Non promotional fares, and 10% on promotional fares. Half price day cabins – Available on morning departures from the UK to France and afternoon departures from France to the UK. Save up to 33% on Club Class day cabins – Valid on all day sailings. (Where available). Save 5% on holiday packages – Choose from cottages and villas, hotels and family holidays. And more.

Brittany Ferries Club Voyage FranceBrittany Ferries

Condor Ferries have a "Frequent Traveller Club". Membership costs £108 for a couple and offers: 15% Discount off bookings, 15% off upgraded seating and cabins, Free booking amendments, and Advance notice of limited special offers.

LD Lines Ferries – Accumulate LD Miles and redeem them for a fare when you have enough. Under "Good to know" look for "Loyalty programme".

P and O Ferries have a similar offer season ticket (from £29 each way when you purchase 12 to 19 single tickets - October 2014). However, as with most of the companies you need to ring to buy these tickets, as it cannot be done online.

DFDS Ferries have a very flexible Multi ticket deal scheme. Tickets are totally transferable, so friends, family and colleagues can use it too / Completely open: no need to specify dates or times of travel when you purchase / Fully flexible: no amendment fee once you have booked your crossings / Absolute freedom: take any off-peak sailing, there is a £30 supplement for peak periods (or selected "peak" sailings for a supplement). Multi-Trip Offers: Car and up to 4 people, any length of stay; Bronze: £29 each way* valid for 3 to 4 return trips / Silver: £27 each way* valid for 5 to 8 return trips / Gold: £25 each way* valid for 9 to 11 return trips / Platinum: £22 each way* valid for 12 or more return trips. Book by 31st October 2014 Multi deal informationDFDS multi trip deal

Eurotunnel have a "Carnet" scheme. Ten single tickets cost £430 and must be used within a year of purchase. Outbound journeys can only be made between 4.00pm and 6.00am (overnight), and on the inbound leg you must travel between midnight and 2.00pm. If you travel outside of these times, you must pay a surcharge of £20 or £30 depending ont he day of travel. You have the option to upgrade to the "Flexiplus" offer which offers flexibility and convenience, but this costs considerably more. Ten single tickets cost £1,270. However you can turn up when you like and get on the next available train.

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