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Information about Boursot's Wine Collection Shop in Ardres.

boursots wine collection

Boursot's Wine Collection Shop.

9 Rue de l'Arsenal, 62610 Ardres.

Proprietor; Guy Boursot.

Tel: 0033 321 36 81 46.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 – 6.00pm

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It's fair to say that the difference between the many shops selling wine in Calais and the North of France, is whether or not they taste the wines they sell. Happily Boursot's certainly does. Guy Boursot is an expert and has been in the wine business in England for many years. Click here for a list of their wines and prices. Print latest wine list (PDF)

We found their range well chosen, with prices starting at just over £2 per bottle going all the way up through some delightful wines from the south, Burgundies, Rhônes and Clarets. Don't be put off by the drive to Ardres, it's only 15 minutes away and the very pretty town itself is well worth a walk around. After shopping at Boursot's Wine Collection there are some good and reasonably priced restaurants close by. Ask them where to go – they have arrangements with many who will give you a free kir.

On the way there is a Netto Supermarket for discount lovers, and just before Ardres is a Carrefour Market supermarket which also sells fuel. It's possible to enjoy a day out in historic Ardres and still make good use of your day in France shopping.

Run by an Englishman, it's also a good place to stop over or to base yourself in for a short break, with many pretty hotels and BandB's in and around the town.

Boursot's frequently run worthwhile evenings at local hotels offering dinner, with a selection of wine to taste. Usually there is someone interesting from a French vineyard who speaks offering advice and worthwhile background information.

The old square in Ardres is full of nice shops and restaurants.

Wine storageBuying wine direct from the producer?

Boursot's Wine Collection will also take in wines that you buy directly from the vineyard so that you can hop across and pick up your cases at low French prices.

ardres France

The shop is just off the square behind the church.

boursot wines ardres

The Wine Collection holds tastings and dinner parties at some of the best restaurants in town.

wine tasting evening


From the port follow the signs for Boulogne and then at exit 46 for Ardres. Drive into the centre of the town. The shop is behind the church and main square.


map boursots ardres

map boursots wines calais

The Boursot's Wine Collection shop is well laid out and attractively decorated.

boursot wine collection

boursot wine collection

boursot wine collection

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Office de Tourisme de l'Ardresis et de la Vallee de la Hem, Chapel des Carmes, BP 3, ARDRES. 62610. Tel: 0033 321 35 28 51.

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