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Wine and Beer World pre-order offer

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Wine and Beer World.

Get £10 discount with every £150 pre-ordered. The Wine Beer World has a unique offer available to shoppers spending £150 at its Calais, Cherbourg and Coquelles stores.

Pre-order for additional savings

Wine Beer World in France is now offering a simple, cash deal for ALL its customers in place of the free daytrip deal.

Terms and Conditions

– Bookings must be made no less than 24 hours before time of departure. For increased availability we recommend you book your crossing at least 5 days in advance.

– Pre-order discounts valid for pre-orders only.

– Respective spend thresholds must be met to qualify for discounts. – Only one redemption per person, per car, per household, per day.

– Offer subject to availability.

You have to pre-order to qualify though

Wine beer World's pre-ordering service guarantees your order, saves you time, and offers fantastic discounts!

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Pre-order £150 worth of wine online, and get a £10 discount!

pre-order offer from Majestic

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