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Information about CPH (Perardel) Wine and Beer Shop –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel by ferry or Eurotunnel to Calais, to buy wine, beer, spirits and food.

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CPH Wines (formerly Perardel).

Closed 13th April 2013 – CPH still has stores in other parts of France

New address! CPH La Grande Boutique du Vin, 53 rue de Lille – ZAC Curie. 62100 Calais. (CPH Wines use to be in ZI Marcel Dorect)

Wine can be bought "en vrac" here. They even sell plastic casks from 5 – 50 litres. Wines (red and white) sold en vrac range from 0.60 euro a litre. A 20 litre cask sells for about 3.40 euro, filled with wine that works out at an incredible 69 pence (UK) per 75 cl bottle.

September 2002, feedback from a visitor; "About a month ago I asked you if there was anywhere in Calais that I could buy wine by the gallon (en vrac). You gave me the name of two such places, one of which was Perardel. This Monday we made a trip to Parardel armed with our containers, we found the site very easy and the staff very polite and helpful. We purchased approximately 170 litres at about 90 pence a litre. It was the cheapest, not quite as cheap as advertised, but a good drinkable wine and should last us for a good six months.

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From Ferry – take A16 take exit 44 (Calais St Pierre), The shop is close to the BandB Hotel on the roundabout.

From Tunnel – take A16 direction Lille, then exit 44.


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