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Information for shoppers of wine and beer in Calais –, the web magazine which saves you money when crossing the channel to France, to buy wine, beer and spirits.

Wine Shops (wine only)

Wine and Beer Cash and Carry's, warehouses and shops in and around Calais.

One of the positive effects of the the dire economic situation and appalling exchange rate we have endured in the U.K. in recent years, is that there has been a considerable shake out of the many shops selling beer and wine in Calais.

The Wine Temple, Boozers, Cheers, Eastender's, Sainsbury's and Tesco have all closed over the last few years. Those that have survived (PIDOU, Boursots, Le Chais (only in Boulogne now), Majestic Wines, Franglais and Calais Vins, have done so because they sell wines they taste first and concentrate on French wines as well.

We have always said the difference between the shops in Calais is that some of them taste the wines they sell first, and others sell anything. Perhaps now we can say as well, that those that have survived have had a real interest in the wine they sell, and those that have closed, were only there to make money. For those of interested in wine and learning more (and saving money), there is a real difference between the two.

March 2013 – U.K. Budget. £ & Taxes go up again in the U.K. – by 2% above inflation for wine, spirits and cider. General beer duty was REDUCED by 2%. For low strength beers it was reduced by 6%. From 2014 they will go up by the RPI.

2010 – Now that Tesco and Sainsbury's have closed and Cheers and Boozers have gone bust, the choice is much smaller. However a new store, The Calais Wine Superstore has opened. Times are tough in Calais at the moment with a considerable drop in the number of United Kingdom visitors. Many shops have cut back their opening times, and some popular shops have closed or may close soon. Please check before travelling if your shop of choice is open. We also urge shoppers to get into the habit of buying a bottle of wine, tasting it outside and then going back for larger purchases.

Sainsbury's Calais closed 30th June 2010. Tesco Vins Plus closed 31st July 2010.

United Kingdom budget 2010 – Duty on beer, wine and spirits increased in March 2010. Alcohol duties will also increase by 2% above inflation for two further years from 2013.

According to our calculations this means that a bottle of spirits now costing £20 will in 2014, after the last 2% increase cost 10.41% more in real terms or £22.08. More

What you can buy

Revised guidelines from 1st October 2011. TOBACCO guidelines for personal use – 800 cigarettes (was 3,200), 200 cigars, 400 cigarillos, 1 Kg smoking tobacco (was 3 Kg).

ALCOHOL – 110 lts beer, 90 lts wine, 10 lts spirits, 20 lts fortified wine.

There are plenty of wine and Beer shops in Calais serving the English Shopper. Ranging from dingy warehouses to smart shops the quality of wine is variable. Shop around – you may be surprised at what you find!

CREDIT CARDS – we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France – increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile – you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

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beer mugShops selling Wine and Beer in Calais

For more information click on logo.

calais vins shopCalais Vins, rue Gutenberg, Zone Curie. Tel: 0033 321 36 40 40

calais wine superstoreThe Calais Wine Superstore, Rue Marcel Doret, Zone Marcel Doret, Calais, France. Tel: 0033 321 19 00 19.

euroshop wines calaisEuroshop, Eurotunnel Terminal, Calais. Tel: 0033 321 -.

franglais wine calaisFranglais Beer and Wine, CD 215 Frethun. Tel: 0033 321 85 29 39

le chais wines calaisLe Chais Wine and Beer

(1) 40, Rue de Phalsbourg. MARCH 2011 – THIS BRANCH IS NOW CLOSED

(2) Cité de l'sEurope (closed 2014)

There is a store in Boulogne.

pidou in calaisPidou Wine and Beer (Two stores in Calais, one in Dunkirk) Tel: 0033 321 96 78 10.

wine beer company calaisWine Beer World

(1) Rue de Judee. Tel: 0033 321 97 63 00

(2) Av. Roger Salengro. Tel: 0033 321 82 93 64

Belgian beer shops

Nearby, in Esen, is a brewery you can visit called De Dolle Brouwers.

Tiffany's Beer and Tobacco (in petrol station shop), 20 Callicannesweg. 8978. Watou – Poperinge. Tel: 0032 57 38 87 08. Excellent selection of beers at good prices. Beer lovers may wish to come here for this reason alone.

Cuvelier Boel and Co., Abelestationsplein 30. 8970. Poperinge. Belgium. Tel: 0032 57 33 33 05. Astonishing range of beers.

Colruyt Supermarket, Vaartstraat 15, 8630. Veurne. Tel: 0032 58 28 73 46. Closed Sundays. Has good value beers. It appears they only take euro.

E.g (excluding deposit) Maredsous 8% bruin – £4.10 for 6x33cl, Grimbergen Tripel 9%- £4.68 for 6x33cl, Mort Subite Kriek 4.5 % – £6.47 for 6x37cl).

Passion Biere, a new shop selling a wide range of Belgian beers. 2 Parc d'activité Ferme Bourel, petite verte rue – 59270 BAILLEUL (a bit further on from Popperinge). Tel. 0033 328 49 94 03.

Useful shop (France) – Spirit'Déco Beer and Gift Shop 26 rue de Bréquerecque. 62200. Boulogne-sur-mer.

Gone out of business or closed down

April 2013 – CPH Wines (formerly Perardel)

July 2011 – Bottles Wine and Beer, 800 rue des Garennes.

March 2011 – Le Chai, Ardres.

August 2010 – Eastenders Prime Wine, 14 rue Gustave.

31st July 2010 – Closed. Tesco Wine and Beer, Cité de l'sEurope.

30th June 2010 – Closed. Sainsbury's Wine Store, Av. Roger Salengro.

June 2010 – Bankrupt. Cheers Wines and Beers. 199, rue Marcel Doret.

November 2008 – Bankrupt. The Wine Temple, 43, rue de Verdun, Calais. 62100.

January 2008 – Closed. Cave 6 Bourgeois Wine Shop, 63 place d'Armes.

December 2007 – Closed. Boozingham Palace, 120 rue Mouron.

October 2003 – CLOSED. Euro Discount Liquor Stores. 6 – 8 place d'Armes.


Boozers Beer and Wine. Route Nationale de St Omer, Calais. 62100.

The Grape Shop. Calais Hoverport.

Lo Cost Wine and Beer

The Wine Collection. Bois-en-Ardres.

Beer Lovers Wine and Beer.

Aux Saveurs de France.

The bigger Supermarkets sell a good range of reasonably priced wines and beers

Duty and VAT

Budget 2010

Useful Outside links

Links about real beer.

Spirit'Déco Beer and Gift Shop, 26 rue de Bréquerecque. 62200. Boulogne-sur-mer.

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