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The independently researched site for day trippers, shoppers and visitors to Calais, France – wanting to save money and more – interested in French wines and champagnes – information on wine labels, regions, vintages, champagnes

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Wine Information

France is the largest wine producing region in the world with a wide variety of wines to choose from.

Beaujolais Nouveau – 14th November 2013 (always the 3rd Thursday in November)

We liked; "A day without wine is like a day without sunshine", and "Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change, and wine to accept the things I cannot."

London Wine Academy – London Wine Academy. Gift vouchers for courses and tasting events. Tel: 0845 555 1100.

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News and Information

Magazine we liked; Wine Magazine (monthly) – subscriptions; 01795 414 879.

Féderation Nationale des Cavistes Independents (F.N.C.I.) – for a list of independent shops in France.

Boursot's Wine Collection will store your wine for short periods.

Wine courses

Berry Bros and Rudd – The Cellars, 3 St James's Street, London. SW1. Tel: 020 7396 9600.

Christies – 5 King Street, St. James's. London. SW1. Tel: 020 7747 6800.

Ecole du Vins – Hotel du Vin, Church Street, Birmingham. B3. Tel: 0121 200 0600.

Lay and Wheeler Wine Tastings and dinners. Tel: 01206 713 526.

La Réserve – 56 Walton Street, London. SW3. Tel: 020 7589 2020.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust – courses on how to be a wine buyer. Five Kings House, 1 Queen Street Place, London. EC4. Tel: 020 7236 3551.

winetastour – Tastour. London tasting events including wine and champagnes. "We host interactive, informative events: wine and food pairings, chocolate tastings, olive oil comparisons, distillery tours and vineyard visits."

Wine Tasting Results

Information on wine tastings we carried out on wines bought from shops and supermarkets in Calais

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Regions – The wine producing regions of France

wine glass calais

Wine Labels – Some helpful information and advice

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Champagnes – Tips and links

champagne bottle

Useful information

Bottle sizes Terms
Quart / Split - 18.7 cl DEMI SEC Medium Sweet
Demie - 37.5 cl DOUX Sweet
Bouteille - 75 cl SEC Medium Dry
Magnum 2 bottles 1.5 l BRUT Very dry
Double Magnum 4 bottles 3.0 l - -
Jéroboam 4 bottles 3.0 l EXTRA DRY Extra Dry
Rehoboam 6 bottles 4.5 l CRU French for "growth"
Mathusalem or Impérial 8 bottles 6.0 l EN VRAC By Container
Salmanazar 12 bottles 9.0 l - -
Balthazar 16 bottles 12.0 l Negociant Shipper or Merchant
Nabuchodonosor 20 bottles 15.0 l Recoltant A Grower
Melchior 24 bottles 18.0 l Viticulteur Winegrower

Red Grapes – Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault, Gamay, Grenache, Merlot, Mourvedre, Pinot noir, Syrah.

White Grapes – Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Clairette, Muscadelle, Pinot gris, Sauvignon, Semillon, Ugni blanc.

Other Wine links

Terroir France. Nice, easy to follow and informative site.

General Interest

Store your wine safely.

Some basic wine information.

Jancise Robinson – excellent on TV.

wine anorak – Wine Anorak. Some good articles.

Wine Lovers.

wine pages – Wine Pages, informative website.


Wine School.

Wine quotations to liven your day.

Wine Spectator. Subscription based.

Commercial Sales

Commercial wine sales.

Australian wine.

Ernest and Julio Gallo wine.

Useful Outside links

wine cellar tracker – Cellartracker.

snooth wines – Snooth, American wine site.

vinogusto wines – Vinogusto, good source of information on French wines.

wine searcher – Wine Searcher. Find a wine, for both the United Kingdom and France.

wines of France – Wines of France. Official site and very informative.

wine travel guides France – Wine Travel Guides, comprehensive site.

wine pages – Very useful web wine magazine.

wine fine expressions – A consumer drinks magazine that explores the world of premium wines, spirits and beers, as well as food and travel.

wine doctor – Wine Doctor, a good resource for wine lovers.

robert parker wine – Robert Parker. The wine expert.

vinbio wines – Vin Bio Naturel, online wine shop (France).

Vin Bio France (Organic wines).

French regional wines – Buy your French regional wines in the United Kingdom Good list.

rouge blanc wines – Great site with very useful maps and much detailed information on the wines they sell.

love that wine – Love that Wine shop.

love that wine – Wineware, nice range of wine related items.

virtual wine fair – Virtual Wine Fair is a one-stop centre for the wine business, a meeting-point for producers, wholesalers and consumers. Has many events throughout the world.

vignerons independent – Vignerons Independent. Regular wine events held throughout France and open to the public for a small charge. The French independent wine grower; Vinifies his own wine, bottles it on site in his cellar, is responsible for commercialising his range, hosts wine tastings and welcomes enthusiasts to his vineyard.

Vins de Pays. Worth a browse.

Regional wine links

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