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Buying wine direct from French vineyards whilst on holiday or from the United Kingdom by phone. How to buy wine direct from the vineyards and get it delivered to Calais. Storage information, costs, advice.

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Buy wine direct from the vineyards in France

We often get e-mails from people who have visited France and bought wine at vineyards and Châteaux they have visited.

European Court judgement concerning internet purchases of wine and tobacco (23rd November)

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Where can I buy wine from vineyards in France?

The easiest way to buy wine direct from the vineyard on France is to visit the vineyard yourself, and after sampling the wines buy what you want. Most vineyards can arrange delivery to your chosen storage place in Calais, from where you can pick up as much as you need (usually what your car can safely carry). Local Tourist Offices, magazines and books can be researched for the addresses you need. If you are buying in quantity you will need to arrange transport to Calais from where it is easy to pick up your stock on a day trip.

Many take credit cards orders over the phone, but sometimes you will need to arrange a money transfer.

How do you get it back to Calais?

Many, but not all vineyards can arrange delivery. Check prices first though. Delivery times vary but should take about a week. You do need to make sure you have a receipt, not just for British Customs but also to confirm your purchase in Calais.

Delivery prices to Calais quoted by Au 36 Champagne shop; For 60 bottles: 0.78 € / bottle (or € 0.65 HT / bottle), 61 to 144 bottles: 0.71 € / bottle (or € 0.59 HT / bottle), 145 to 300 bottles: 0.68 € / bottle (or € 0.57 HT / bottle), From 301 to 479 bottles: 0.62 € / bottle (or € 0.52 HT / bottle), From 480 bottle: 0.54 € / bottle (or € 0.45 HT / bottle).

c comme champagne – Au 36 Champagne shop, rue Dom Perignon. 51160 Hautvillers. Tel; 0033 326 54 78 38.

Where can store it in Calais?

Boursot's Wine Collection in Ardres offers storage for wines bought direct from the vineyard.

How much will it cost?

Delivery costs start from five euro per case of six bottles. Storage costs vary but expect to pay at least 1 euro per bottle when you pick up your wine.

1. Boursots Wine Collection in Ardres. Ardres is 15 minutes outside of Calais, and well worth a visit. Well preserved, there are many excellent restaurants in the centre.

2. Vineyards Direct. ZA EUROCAP, Batiment A105 Rue du Cap Gris Nez. 62231 Coquelles. Tel: 0033 321 36 26 26.

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