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On this page; – the web site with visitors. Reach the customers you seek at the moment they are planning their visit or holiday.

About us –

21 Hydethorpe Avenue
N9 9RS
United Kingdom
P: +44 (0)7843 060 932

Editor; David Ash (t/as Clissold Trading)

We are a publishing company and NOT a travel agent – please do not ring us for advice on how to book a holiday.

Much rubbish is spoken when talking about the internet and the opportunities it affords advertisers. Yes, millions use the internet or certain search engines, but then they also contain millions of sites to visit. A site which is just a billboard and doesn't change very often will not be revisited. General sites (about all of France for example) may attract visitors from all over the world, but how many of these visitors can ever be your customers?

We are a highly targeted web site specific to shopping or staying in Calais and North France (as well as for tobacco in Belgium). The visitors we get come to us because our site is comprehensive, well researched, up to date and easy to navigate. website – The Channel Shoppers magazine and directory. is a Channel Shoppers magazine and directory mainly concerned with Shopping in Calais and other channel ports.

About our web site

  • We aim provide all the information visitors may need on our web site, not just from companies paying us to be there.
  • We recognise that web surfers are looking for information and advice so that they can make their own minds up about a product or company, and publish all the information we have.
  • We maintain control over our advertising.
  • We aim to be the first port of call for information for channel shoppers, visitors to North West France (Channel France) and ferry bookers.
  • Our objective is to provide a quick loading, easy to navigate and attractive web journal providing all the information shoppers to Calais or those passing through may want, and to make the first port of call when looking for information relating to Calais and channel shopping, or short stay visits in France and Belgium.
  • We help our visitors by providing;
    1. Consistency of approach.
    2. Links that take incoming visitors (from a specific page they may have found on a search engine for example), to a page with much more detailed information.
    3. On each Homepage and sub page, text links to other pages of interest for visitors to click on, which appear on the right hand menu on every page. We want our visitors to stay with us!
    4. Regular updates and new pages, usually in response to e-mail queries we have received.
    5. A consistent colour scheme and structure – blue shows a link, red a visited link.
    6. Links that work. We always check any changes, and remove dead links frequently.
    7. Information which is obviously up to date and relevant. Our "news flashes" are not twelve months old, neither do we update our site once a year!
    8. Pages that contain information – we avoid publishing new pages which are still being prepared. If visitors come across an incomplete site, they are unlikely to stay around or more importantly, to return.
    9. Easy to use mini booking engines for hotels and ferries to make it easy for our site visitors.
    10. Up to date design. Our site is compliant with the latest world wide web requirements.
    11. An internal SEARCH ENGINE that enables visitors to find quickly the information they require.

Disclaimers and Conditions

All due care and attention has been taken when carrying out research. The information we share is correct at the date of collection and may change.

Our policy on the use of Personal Data

It is's policy to comply fully with all relevant data protection legislation in the territories in which we operate, and we are on the United Kingdom Data Protection Register.

We request information from users for mailings. We use these details from time to time to send out material that we judge will be of interest to our users. However, please note the following:

We do not pass on your details to a third party.

We may run specific promotions in conjunction with third parties, but we would share only information gathered in the course of that specific promotion, and we will only work with partners who follow these guidelines.

Whenever we collect any information, you will always be given the option not to receive any mailings from us or anyone else.

If you ever do receive any mailing from us, it will contain clear, simple instructions for removing yourself from our database.

The only information we will ever keep on you is what you yourself give us.

We do not correlate your data with information from any other source.

If you ever want to review, correct or remove the information we have, just e-mail us, we will do it free of charge.

We take every reasonable measure to ensure that your data cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel via our network or servers.

If you want to stop receiving our newsletter, send us an e-mail saying UNSUBSCRIBE.

David Ash –


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Terms and Conditions – use of this site

David Ash trading as Clissold Trading disclaims all legal responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any information contained within this web site (comprising text and any attachments).

We endeavour to provide accurate information, however, due to the time sensitive nature of travel information, we cannot accept liability for the content of this site, nor for any transactions that occur based on that data.

All original materials Copyright 1999-2017 David Ash..

The use of any copyright terms or material is not a challenge to the ownership of those materials. All rights reserved.

No part of this web site may be reproduced, stored or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of David Ash.

Any opinions expressed are those only of David Ash.

Press – Media and Journalist information

Additional Information needed?

Information about David Ash, Editor,;

If you are going to Calais and need any advice, help or wish to be accompanied and shown around, please telephone. We are more than happy to help in return for a mention. Please don't make things up or concoct articles from old press cutting's – it's misleading for shoppers. Boobs include an Observer article mentioning Sainsbury's being in the foyer of Auchan Hypermarket (they moved in January 2002, and closed in July 2010), and in the Guardian mentioning Mammouth Hypermarket (taken over by Auchan years ago). Of course, they may have looked at a competitors web site. the most popular and visited web magazine for channel shoppers, with over 100,000 visitors a month.

I am constantly updating information and responding to visitors requests for more information, all of which is published on relevant site pages.

My knowledge of shopping in France and day-tripping is unsurpassed, built up over 11 years of travel and research. Short breaks is an area I am knowledgeable about.

My spoken French is more than adequate and in my opinion, necessary if writing about France.

I am always happy to publicise events or new developments in French towns or regions especially those frequented by short stay visitors and channel shoppers. The emphasis at is always on practical matters (how to, where, tips and advice).

I am able to advise on travel tips and shopping matters, a knowledge gained by responding to e-mails, doing research and a large cuttings library.

My areas of interest are;

SHOPPING IN FRANCE – Channel shopping, factory shopping, sales, shopping tips, day trips, booze cruise, duty free, chocolate, food in French supermarkets, beer, wine, spirits, prices, Customs and Excise, UKBA, tobacco and wine seizures by Customs.

FRANCE – Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk, Lille and Reims. NORD / Pas de Calais, Picardie, Normandy, Brittany and Champagne.

TRAVEL – Ferries, PO Ferries, DFDS.

RAIL – Eurotunnel, Eurostar. BELGIUM – Adinkerke.

Thank you

David Ash

21 Hydethorpe Avenue, London. N9 9RS

January 2011 – Article by me in Candis Magazine about day-tripping (PDF) .

Public Relations

The Mustard Agency.

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Other useful info

French Search Engines

If the company is French, you may find more information about them by searching the net using


Annubel, a useful site with many links unavailable elsewhere.


Villorama, some useful information available.

Checking our links

Dead link checker. We use various methods of testing links (we have over 4,500!).


Translation of a French site

If you find a page in French or another language and want to translate it into English, simply paste the URL in the “http://” box contained on this page –

Google – language tools.


Should you mis type the URL you will be directed to our 404 page


If you cannot find what you want on our site using the methods listed above, e-mail us and we will do our best to help you.

Please note however, that we are not paid by any company or Tourist Board to act on their behalf and may not be in a position to assist. Where we can help we publish our findings on a relevant page so that others visitors can benefit.

We respond to your e-mails and advice and tips left on the message board by publishing the new information we have researched for you or found, on a relevant page.

Editor – David Ash

Information about David Ash;

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Just a few of the things our visitors say about us – some abuse too

  • I should have done this quite a few years ago, but finally I'd like to offer you a sincere vote of thanks from my girlfriend and I for the incredibly detailed and invaluable information your site has provided over the years. My first port of call before a trip is always to this site, which has saved us a good few quid, and no doubt a good deal of grief. It's good to see someone get the bit between their teeth and take on the feckless muppets at HMRC and their less than illustrious predecessors. It disgusts me that Britain, alone in Europe, takes the view that free trade is only for businesses and the wealthy.
  • I'm just letting you know that your site is terrific and the advice and guidance you provide is in valuable. I often refer to the information you publish, I have saved a small fortune and just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant site =0)
  • Thanks for your help, great site.
  • thankyou daytripper keep up the good work
  • I often use the Day Trippers website and think its a great site and full of useful items.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and advice. My husband, daughter and myself have booked a day trip to Calais to have a look around and purchase some bargains, and your advice for it all has really helped decided where to go. Thank you!
  • I am always very impressed with your website – the amount of information is fantastic.
  • "Your web site saved the day, because of the details of the "wine merchants" which were printed out before travel, and made the trip all worth while."
  • Thank you very much for your information. What a mine of information your site is.
  • Dear Mr Ash-. It may seem corny-. But thank God Thank God Thank Almighty GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE – David Ash-
  • This looks interesting. It is a pity that I only discovered you on return from France this morning.
  • Thank you so much for your very informative reply, I am sure it will make the trip a lot easier!
  • Hi I have used your site when i went to calais and i thought it was the mutts nuts ;-).
  • PS you still run the best site around
  • Just to say what a super web site you have – so informative, etc.
  • P.S. Your web site which I've only seen today is superb and really informative.
  • Your web site is marvellous – so full of great information.
  • what a great site this is, in my humble opinion the best informed site on the web.
  • had a quick look at your site, very impressive, loads quick, informative
  • I have just looked at your excellent web site.
  • Came across your site using Google – just wanted to say it's brilliant! I've been on it for about an hour and that must be a record!
  • Have just discovered your site whilst browsing on the net and think it's brilliant. Our shopping trips we make when we visit France for shortbreaks or holidays subsidise our holidays. In Bristol we are too far away for day trips. Keep up the good work.
  • Dear Protest,
  • We had the decision to restore (goods and vehicle) granted yesterday at Folkestone Magistrates Court. This was due to your excellent web site which helped me plan a strategy that worked.
  • I've been on your web site this evening (most of the evening) and I've found it incredible informative.
  • I was very excited to find your site, which looked to contain loads of good advice from those who know.
  • such a fabulous web site – well done
  • Your web site is very well structured and most informative.
  • just had to take time to say, what a brilliant, helpful, well laid out site, essential reading, and oh so very comprehensive, bless you all, for taking the time to provide a one stop site to prepare, advise and help us first timers, o.k. so its spoiled our plan of going this week, but hey! how much more prepared and armed will we be to maximise the benifits available and comply with the legal requirements, well done to you, an absolutely must visit site, cheers and thanks
  • Back in January I typed in 'Calais' in a search engine to see if I could arm myslf with a bit more info on shopping in France. The Day-tripper site was on that list. It was not first on it. I looked at some of the others but found this one to be the best informed and packed with all the info I could ever wish to know- and then some!
  • Over the next week or so I kept comming back to it and found it to be very useful. Then I found the message boards. I read through them and even started posting one or two questions and when I knew the answers to questions I posted them too. I kept comming back.
  • What would I do without the information that is displayed on this web site. How would I know what days the shops were open (and closed), how to convert to the Euro and whether they are still taking French Francs.
  • (a reply) I do appreciate that the information was available on other pages, but I only looked at the Sunday shopping page. My intention was to help add to a very good resource web site.
  • PS. The ferry people need to realise what a great advertising service you are doing them and just what an asset you are for them-and pay you accordingly-J
  • Going across to France this Sunday for my annual wine collection and wanted to check a few details and found everything I needed on your site.
  • I think your site is excellent and very easy to navigate. I was particularily impressed to see directions to the variouse outlets you recomend (always a help in a strange place). All of the links worked
  • It is so difficult to find information on Ferry Fares, Stores and Wine warehouses in Calais anywhere else.
  • this is an excellent web site
  • I thank you for the vast amount of information you supply and without you my phone bill would be horrendous.
  • Considering a tobacco trip for the first time. Your site is a gold mine.
  • Just a note to say "many thanks" for the effort you put into Day-tripper net, I find it useful and interesting – many thanks.
  • A reply. I have tried very hard to get this information about the sales. I emailed carrefour and eurotunnel, nothing! Thank you for your swift reply.
  • Fantastic site very interesting and helpful.
  • Great web site – I now use it constantly.
  • Can't believe the promptness of your reply – most of our businesses in this country would do well to emulate this attitude ! Thanks !
  • Only just discovered your site and, as a regular 'booze runner', think it's the best thing since Beaujolais Neuveau. Will be visiting you regularly – thanks
  • Very nice site. I found it very useful when planning a quick dash to stock up the drinks cupboard.
  • Excellent web site!! The best I have ever seen for channel-hopping.
  • I am writing to thank you for the wonderful information and services rendered through your web-site. I have never been to France before, but on the 4th of August 2001, I did go to Calais, driving, shopping and site-seeing. All through the information I printed out from your web-site.
  • Thanks for the info. it was a first trip to France and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Made more so by the information we gleaned from the day-tripper site.
  • Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for a great site.
  • Thank you for a very useful web site – it contains loads of sound advice for us bargain hunters.
  • Brilliant web site – thanks – much appreciated.
  • I think your site is superb. I shall certainly use it comprehensively when I visit France and Belgium later in the year.
  • Firstly I want to congratulate you on a marvellous web site, useful to seasoned travellers and newcomers alike – something not easy to achieve.
  • I would just like to thank you for some excellent advice that i managed to find through your web site.
  • Great site full of useful information.
  • Many thanks for a marvellous web-site, as a regular cross-channel hopper I thought I knew the area pretty well after so many years but being able to check out the latest changes, etc., adds another dimension.
  • i have often looked at you site (not only re baccy etc) and find it very interesting, one can spend hours looking at the links etc., keep up the good work
  • All the best and thanks for a great web site.
  • Extremely informative site – keep it up.
  • Good Luck with the fight, your site is fascinating.
  • Many thanks for your most excellent site and all the hard work you obviously put into it. Apart from the research, yours is one of the few sites I've found with (mostly) correct typography and grammar (I'm a proof-reader/editor/writer by profession).
  • Anyway – ta – keep up the good work.
  • Found your site extremely useful.
  • Your message boards – A highly entertaining forum.
  • I am very PLEASED you sent me your newsletter, your full of brilliant information – keep up with the brilliant info – thanks again
  • Only started using site, but this is top class.
  • Please add me to your list. I always look at your site before travelling. It's great. Keep up the good work.
  • By good fortune a friend of mine has found this site. It has everything I wish I could find in one place.
  • Thank you again for a really worthwhile site and one that is user friendly.
  • I would also like to say it is an excellent source of information – well done!
  • A great site -thanks very much, I printed out many of the pages before going to France this Sunday.
  • I'm a real to France tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the best sites on the internet. It's easy to navigate, clear, personal, friendly and informative. Congratulations and many thanks
  • What an excellent web site you have.
  • Congrats to the Webmaster for a first class site, very helpful and informative.
  • PS keep up the good work
  • Many Thanks!
  • I've been visiting your site for months and think it is excellent.
  • I recently made my first trip to France and found your web pages invaluable. I printed off a few and took them with me as reference guides they were all spot on. How can you possibly improve on what is already first class.
  • Your web site is excellent, a valuable public service.
  • Wonderful web-site!!
  • Many thanks for the information.
  • Seen your web site – pretty cool. I am extremely impressed (PS the friend I am going with was impressed with your site too).
  • Your site is looking really good
  • The trip was hugely worthwhile (thanks to your site amongst other things) and we're thinking of doing it regularly once a month or so.
  • Had another browse round your superb and really useful site.
  • PS Please keep up the good work on our behalf
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  • Absolutely first class site, living in Kent it's as easy for me to shop in France as it is in some of the bigger United Kingdom towns! The information and maps just leave the competition behind
  • Great web site by the way.
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  • The whole of is very interesting and highly informative
  • I've been following this board since its conception and at last I have been moved to make my first and probably my last contribution to any board anywhere with a few observations. Firstly congrats to David Webmaster for a first class site, very helpful and informative. Secondly well done to all contributors to the message boards who give people like me useful info. on the C and E situation at Dover. I am only a casual traveller to Calais (last time 18 months ago, but like to go when I can). Whether or not you are a bootlegger or just a casual traveller doesn't matter to me and shouldn't matter to anyone else so thanks to all for your info.
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What can one say?

Your web site is far too complicated and busy. All I wanted was to look at timetable and available crossings and fares, but couldn't get to it!!!

Load of rubbish, I'm affraid

(our response pointed out that there is a menu, an internal search engine, and on every page links saying "on this page, and "Other pages")

i was on a tour and we stopped at the Calais mall, before arriving in Dover. The shop that I am trying to find is next to the perfume shop, and is across from a big wine and liquor shop. it is in a corner, next to door leading to the outside. They sell souvenir items, such as shirts and candy, and eiffel tower hats, which is what I am looking for. i was wondering if you could tell me what the name of that shop is. Thank you.

Useful Outside links

Alexa, how popular web sites are.

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