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We strongly suggest you use this page to contact – we regularly delete all incoming messages to old e-mail addresses, due to spam and junk mail.

Please make it clear which company you are requesting information or complaining about when contacting If you wish to contact a company mentioned on this web site, we suggest you find the up to date contact details on their web site.

Please note that whilst we are happy to help where we can, where we are unable to do so we will endeavour to pass on your request to whoever we feel may be in a position to assist.

We are a publishing company and NOT a travel agent – please do not contact us for advice on how to book a holiday or ticket

If you want to contact a company listed on this website please do so directly via the contact details on their page.

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To write to us;, 21 Hydethorpe Avenue, London. N9 9RS

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How to contact us website – The Channel Shoppers magazine and directory. is a Channel Shoppers magazine and directory mainly concerned with Shopping in Calais and other channel ports.

These numbers are ONLY for and NOT for any other company.

Please ring the company you wish to contact DIRECT for information on prices. All details on their pages (see pop up menus top right)

For details ONLY, please contact us by email only - we will ring you back.

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