Shopping in Calais – Daytrips to France

Brexit! For the moment everything continues as normal. However in the event of us not being part of the Single Market, Duty-Free will return. The much smaller limits will affect us all. Things continue as before for at least two years.

Save 45 – 80% on wine in Calais. There are even greater savings when you consider how little of the United Kingdom price you pay for a bottle of wine actually goes on the wine itself. The tax per bottle in the UK is about £2.05, in France, it is about 3 pence.

Save loads when buying tobacco in Belgium. Just buying the guidelines of 800 cigarettes and 3kgs of rolling tobacco (and remember if it is for personal use you can buy much more), you will save (20th March 2015) £950.20 (66.39%) if paying with sterling cash, and £924.80 (64.62%) if paying with a credit card.

Prepare for your grocery shop in Calais and compare prices online whilst there with Tesco or Sainsburys – with the exchange rate at 1.16 euro to the Pound we saved on 45% of items bought, at 1.30 this rises to 59% and at 1.40 euro you will make savings on 76% of the goods you buy.

Wine, salt, tinned vegetables, some fruit and veg (variable though), and fresh fish all offered good savings – even at the low rate of 1.16 euro to the pound.

– Save when filling up with fuel – Diesel now costs 24.29% less in Calais, 95 petrol is 7.73% less (at an exchange rate of 1.35 euro). Fill up at Real Tobacco in Adinkerke and save even more – 27.29% on diesel and 8.37% on 95 petrol. Latest fuel price survey – 6th March 2015.

– Travel for free or at a reduced rate – Calais Wine Superstore and PIDOU Wine & Beer offer free tickets if you pre-order from £250 of wine online. Majestic Wines offer cheaper fares if you buy your wine in Calais through them. Vouchers and offers

– Buy Chocolate! A 1Kg box costs 24 euro (with the voucher) at Stop Shop in Adinkerke, about £17.70 – in London the same box costs £49.

– Make use of the vouchers available through this site – Both PIDOU and Calais Wine have some excellent offers to entice you into their stores.

Three reasons for a day trip; 1 – Save money, 2 – much better range of products in French supermarkets (fewer own brands), 3 – Quality is often better and healthier, and there are more local products available.